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Authors: Xiao Hong Zhou, Ze Yong Wang, Li Wang, Xiao Rong Gao, Bin Luo
Optical and Visual Signal
Abstract:The physical model for the optical pulse propagating in the amplifier has been established. Within the normal dispersion region of the fiber,...
Authors: Yoo Jae Kim, Tom Harmon, Byoung Hee You
Sustainable Materials and Applications
Abstract:Composite insulated wall panels using carbon fiber grid in combination with expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation have been produced for over...
Authors: Ping Zhang, Lin Bo Wu, Bo Geng Li
Sustainable Materials and Applications
Abstract:The aromatic polyester from diphenolic acid and isophthaloyl chloride was synthesized by interfacial polycondensation with tetrabutylammonium...
Authors: Jian Jun Hao, Xin Yuan Liu, Chong Rui Wang, Chun Yan Dong
Sustainable Materials and Applications
Abstract:An attempt has been made to increase the corrosion resistance properties of medium steel substrate by using silica sol.The results show that:...
Authors: Xi Peng, Bin Quan Jiao, Lin Yu, Dong Wei Li, Ke Yang
Sustainable Materials and Applications
Abstract:Since MSWI fly ash enriches heavy metals and many toxic components and these components would potentially leach when the ashes are land...
Authors: Si Qing Shen, Zhi Bin Xu, Qing Ma, Jian Jun Xie, Ying Shi, Jia Yue Xu, Fei Ai
Sustainable Materials and Applications
Abstract:Ln3+ (Ce3+ and Tb3+) -doped Lu2SiO5 thin films were fabricated by Pechini sol–gel...
Authors: Jin Liu, Dong Wei Li, Shao Jian Zhang, Dou Li, Lin Yu
Sustainable Materials and Applications
Abstract:The bioleaching effect of different concentrations of silver ion catalysis on chalcopyrite tailings has been investigated in shaking flasks....
Authors: Tong Yu Chen, Yan Jun Liu, Qing Zhu
Sustainable Materials and Applications
Abstract:This paper mainly studied the Viscosity of polyethylene glycol dilaurate and the surface tension, discussing the effects of temperature,...
Authors: Zhi Guo Yan, Wang Hui, Ai Guo Xuan, Yuan Xin Wu
Sustainable Materials and Applications
Abstract:The first-principle method based on the pseudopotential plane-wave is adopted to analyze O2 adsorption on the LaMnO3...
Authors: Jun Guo, De Qing Gan, Jing Tan
Sustainable Materials and Applications
Abstract:This paper discusses the effect factors and proposals between milling process of Ⅱ-powdery emulsion explosives and raw materials, production...
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