Progress in Measurement and Testing

Volumes 108-111

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Lian Li, Xiang Dong Ren, Jing Jing Zhang, Yang Li

Abstract: With Virtual Instrument technology, the authors designed liquid surface tension coefficient measurement system which has realized the...

Authors: Hong Yu Shao, Wei Guo

Abstract: The product quality will be affected by various stations during the multi-stations manufacturing. Various stations will have a mutual...

Authors: Xiao Dong Wang, Ke Wang, Jin Shan Wang, Min Lan Jiang, Xiu Ling Xu, Gen Liang Feng, Mei Ying Ye

Abstract: A model simplification method for linear discrete systems is presented to determine both numerator and denominator coefficients of a...

Authors: Zhan Jie Wang, Wen Chen, Hai Long Wang

Abstract: Heartbeat mechanism is the key technology of fault detection in cluster system, and the performance of heartbeat detection restricts the...

Authors: Shao Bin Zhan, Yong Sheng Liang, Hong Ying Huo, Yue Fang Gao

Abstract: Land surface temperature (LST) is a key parameter of surface physical process and plays an important significance to the energy balance in...

Authors: Hao Yuan

Abstract: Based on the research of domestic and foreign vulnerability assessment systems, in this paper, we propose an improved network security...

Authors: Fan Jiang, Wei Ping Chen, Zhong Wei Liang

Abstract: To describe surface shape of the dust particle comprehensively, uses the bidirectional CCD to shoot picture of dust particle, through...

Authors: Xiao Ping Du, Jian Jun Song, Yang Sheng Zhao

Abstract: According to the characteristics of the information resources in modern acquisition, such as heterogeneous, distributed, loosely coupled,...

Authors: Zhi Jun Rong, Zhao Guo Wang, Kui Sheng Chen

Abstract: Collaborative product design is a complex and time-consuming process whereby geographically distributed designers from different disciplines...

Authors: Ying Su, Jing Hua Huang, Latif Al-Hakim

Abstract: Purpose – Only limited attention has been paid to the issue of Measurement Data Quality (MDQ) in a metrology context. To address this...


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