Progress in Measurement and Testing

Volumes 108-111

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Wang, Hua Ling, Shun De Xu, Xiao Ni Wang

Abstract: Mathematical model for skeleton stress-strain curve under dynamic loading (SSSC) is one important issue to study the dynamic behavior of...

Authors: Wen Guang Yu

Abstract: In this paper, some results on the dividend payments prior to ruin in the classical surplus process with stochastic interest are derived. An...

Authors: Wen Guang Yu

Abstract: In this paper, we study the Gerber-Shiu discounted penalty function. We shall consider the case where the discount interest process and the...

Authors: Shu Min Zhou, Rui Chen, Bin Tang

Abstract: This paper describes the method of radioactivity measurement to eliminate the outliers in experiment. The value of radon concentration can...

Authors: Xiang Ru Meng

Abstract: Since the 20th century, the environment’s getting worse and has been given more attention to. Many countries have given the laws to protect...

Authors: Yi Mei Chen

Abstract: In this paper, the problem of adaptive stabilization of an underwater navigator with unknown parameters both in the state vector-field and...

Authors: Bing Jiang Gong, Dong Yan Bai, Jian Jiao Zhao

Abstract: The paper uses the multi variable decision tree technology based on rough set to establish a mine effective decision-making model and...

Authors: Wan Jing Ding

Abstract: Maintenance is an important part of the product lifecycle management. As important equipment widely used in machine industry, disassembly...

Authors: Ling Li, Jian Yong Liu, Yuan Wang

Abstract: In view of the defect that network DEA (data envelopment analysis) can not establish the model of multi-index synchronously, we proposed...

Authors: Jie Yan, Dao Xiong Gong

Abstract: The Strength Pareto Evolutionary Algorithm (SPEA) is adopted to find time-jerk synthetic optimal trajectory of a hexapod robot in the joint...


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