Progress in Measurement and Testing

Volumes 108-111

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yue Sheng Gu, Jun Chen, Yan Rong Wang

Abstract: Trusted computing technology is a basic and entirely solution for security problems of computer. In order to solve the security problem...

Authors: Yan Li Chen, Li Hui Chen

Abstract: Financial crisis early warning analysis is a matter of grave social and economic concern. It is important for enterprises, commercial banks...

Authors: Hui Ding

Abstract: Video surveillance play an important role in many ITS. In this paper, we present a fast and reliable algorithm for detecting traffic flow...

Authors: Sheng Cheng, Biao Chen, Lei Chen

Abstract: This paper pointed out that the time series of rural energy consumption in China had a chaotic process, the maximum of range forecasting was...

Authors: Ting Wei, Qing Yu, Jin Peng, Chang Jia Chen

Abstract: understanding the characteristics of user activities make sense to various application designs, and consequently has impact on business...

Authors: Li Fen Wu, Guang Xi Zhu, Wei Min Wu

Abstract: In this paper we do some researches on the ARQ mechanism which provides the probability of involving the relay nodes into the UWB multi-hop...

Authors: Jie Cao, Xiao Jun Liu, Zong Li Liu

Abstract: Active contour model is an important research field in computer vision and many researchers studied the variational method in recent years....

Authors: Wu Wei Li

Abstract: Based on the data of large and medium-sized industrial enterprises put forward by National Bureau of Statistics of China, over the period...

Authors: Wu Wei Li

Abstract: Based on the provincial panel data put forward by National Bureau of Statistics of China, over the period 2000-2006, this paper empirically...

Authors: Ji Xin Wang, Nai Xiang Wang, Xiang Jun Yu, Yong Hai Yang, Ming Yao Yao

Abstract: The structural durability of wheel loader are required to estimate on the basis of design loading spectrum, which is a spectrum combination...


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