Progress in Measurement and Testing

Volumes 108-111

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chao He, Ling Li, Peng Liu

Abstract: When evaluating decoy effectiveness by means of BP neural network, training sometimes failed because of local extremum problem. The genetic...

Authors: Li Juan Zhou, Zhang Zhang

Abstract: This work proposes a new fast algorithm finding maximal frequent item sequences from transaction database. Itemset is defined as item...

Authors: Xien Cheng, Yi Lai Zhang, Jian Ying Li

Abstract: In the firing of ceramic ware in a household or hobbyist’s kiln, it is important that the end point of a kiln firing run be determined...

Authors: Long Yang Huang, Jun Luo, Wei Jun Pan

Abstract: A spatial-temporal scheme based on non-uniform subband general parameter filter banks for broadband beamforming of scaled aperture array is...

Authors: Ai Ling Wang

Abstract: This article has proved tangent-points have a common plane when quadratic surface is tangent to plane passing by the point outside quadratic...

Authors: Yi Wan

Abstract: A fuzzy support vector machine kernel regression method of fatigue limit calculating is presented aiming at difficulty of material fatigue...

Authors: Rui Hua Lv, Yuan Yuan Wang

Abstract: In this paper, the research evolving on chaotic time series forecast is firstly analyzed, and then the grey forecast model of chaotic time...

Authors: Hui Lan Liu

Abstract: In this paper, peanut leaves’ delayed luminescence characteristic under excitation of alternating electric field was studied. The decay law...

Authors: Hui Lan Liu

Abstract: The induction and regulation network of tumor cell apoptosis is built by integrating several seperated pathway of signal transduction and...

Authors: Shi Jun Ji

Abstract: Two new types of ASCII format STL file are presented under lossless data compression and lossy implicit data compression respectively. In...


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