Progress in Measurement and Testing

Volumes 108-111

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Gao, S.T. Zheng, Hong Ren Li

Abstract: T Washout algorithm parameters based on flight fidelity in pitch task are optimized. After a review of classical washout algorithm,...

Authors: San Feng Chen, Wei Liu, Xian Yi Ren, Hui Jing Wang

Abstract: A new active learning based on a new localized generalization error model is proposed in the paper for training RBFNN. The samples with...

Authors: Bo Wu, Bang Yan Ye, Chun Ling Wu, Cheng Zhong Zhang

Abstract: This paper presents a Fuzzy Neural Network-based irrigation water control system for realizing accurate irrigation and water saving. The...

Authors: Hai Sheng Li, Hong Yan Shi

Abstract: Centralized cluster system is widely used by many web sites to increase service availability and balancing workload among multiple servers....

Authors: Mei Ying Ye, Hui Jiang, You Sheng Xu, Xiao Dong Wang

Abstract: A hybrid intelligent technique is proposed to identify Bouc-Wen hysteresis model parameters. This intelligent technique is based on a hybrid...

Authors: Xian Kun Zhang, Tian Tian

Abstract: Logistics domain ontology is the foundation of logistics information sharing. According to the knowledge of logistics, an eABC ontology...

Authors: Hai Sheng Song, Wen Ku Shi, Yan Long, Wei Liu, Guo Yu Feng, De Guang Fang, Zhi Hong Shen, Fu Xiang Guo

Abstract: Accord to the vibration of the floor of one light bus ,the analysis based on experiment is done to confirm that the vibration source is...

Authors: Liang Ye, Ying Hong Liang, Peng Liu

Abstract: The flood of spam promotes the development of anti-spam technology. In this paper, we bring forward the Bayesian filter technology based on...

Authors: Liang Ye, Wei Ming Zhong, Peng Liu

Abstract: The flood of spam has caused more serious harm in society. In this paper, we bring forward an anti-spam system based on the service grid,...

Authors: Ying Ju, Jun Guo, Wei Yue Li, Yun Sheng Wang, Bin Zhang

Abstract: Traditional load balancing strategy is based on the assumption that each node is valid ,in practice, with the growth of usage time, the...


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