Progress in Measurement and Testing

Volumes 108-111

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Zhao, Jian Wang, Qiu Sha Zhu, Jia Jin Le

Abstract: Some medical records are often added and deleted in the practical applications. The leakage of privacy information caused by re-publishing...

Authors: Shahed Shojaeipour, Sallehuddin Mohamed Haris, Ehsan Eftekhari, Ali Shojaeipour, Ronak Daghigh

Abstract: In this article, the development of an autonomous robot trajectory generation system based on a single eye-in-hand webcam, where the...

Authors: Su Wei Lin, Pi Hsia Hung

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to develop a computerized and interactive number sense dynamic assessment system (CNSDA) on number sense to...

Authors: Shu Ang Wei, Li Gao, Zhi Ye Sun, Shi Jue Zheng

Abstract: In the mobile environment, considering resource constraint, the frequent disconnect, synchronous data flow, the cost of communication,...

Authors: Ying Peng, Zhao Yang, Jin Ling Hou, Jian Rong Xu, Shan Tang Liu, Fu Cheng Ming

Abstract: In recent years, with the telecom competitive landscape changing and the communications technology developing, China's telecom market has...

Authors: En Zhu Li, Jia Ming Liao, Lian Bo Wei

Abstract: The necessity of establishing the risk test system, based on data of accounting, for safety resources invested in high dangerous enterprises...

Authors: Jin Gang Han, Dong Kai Peng, Ji Fang Li, Tian Hao Tang

Abstract: For the depletion of the limited traditional energy and the deterioration of the living environment, it is a focus of attention of the word...

Authors: Xiao Hong Shen, Gao Shan Wang

Abstract: With the progress of our society, the consumer needs present a trend of individuation. Hence the manufacturing modes of many products change...

Authors: Gong Xin Chen, Wang Lei

Abstract: Based on the detailed analysis of site engineering geological and hydro-geological conditions for the proposed project Nanchang...

Authors: You Rui Huang, Yi Ming Tian, Li Guo Qu

Abstract: PID optimal parameters selection has been extensively studied, In order to improve some strict performance requirements for complex system....


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