Progress in Measurement and Testing

Volumes 108-111

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Sheng Su

Abstract: To resolve the reliability assessment of the large-sized complex products under small samples, with the aid of the Dirichlet prior...

Authors: Ming Lu, Liu Peng, Ling Li, Xin Wei Ji

Abstract: Constant variably acceleration motion model of flying plate is proposed and the model formula about the relationship between speed of flying...

Authors: Peng Cheng Nie, Di Wu, Weiong Zhang, Yan Yang, Yong He

Abstract: In order to improve the information management of the modern digital agriculture, combined several modern digital agriculture technologies,...

Authors: Xin Qi, Hong Liang, Zhen Li

Abstract: According to the resources performance and status information provided by grid monitoring system, this paper adopts a trend-based time...

Authors: Xue Dong Du, Jiang Tao Ji, Da Peng Yan

Abstract: The research of using wireless sensor network to settle the problem of urban traffic has become a hotspot in the fields of intelligent...

Authors: Yu Jiang, Yan Chun Liang, Li Li He, Ying Hui Cao, Cheng Quan Hu

Abstract: Network’s life cycle and the energy expending rates of mote are important performance criterions for wireless sensor networks (WSN). An...

Authors: Xin Li, Yu Jiang, Jian Jun Song, Wei Li Cui

Abstract: This article presents a low-energy-cost space location system based on WSN technology by applying random sampling algorithm, this system can...

Authors: Hong Cui, Feng Xiang Wang, Zhong Hua Liang

Abstract: The method of rotor position detection and its signal processing circuit for high speed permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) are...

Authors: De Jia Shi, Zhi Qiang Liu, Jing He

Abstract: In order to automatically determine the optimal threshold in image segmentation, this paper presented a new method of image segmentation...

Authors: Li Chang, Hui Xu, Ben Wei Liu, Jian Qiang Li

Abstract: The high resolution and wide measurement range are important for the displacement measurement based on the grating moiré fringe at present....


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