Environment Materials and Environment Management, EMEM2010

Volumes 113-116

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.113-116

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Authors: Xi Zhong Yuan, Yuan Lin Zhu, Ning Zhang

Abstract: Contamination of unfrozen water in frozen soil could have adverse effects on surrounding infrastructure such as foundation instability or...

Authors: Bao You Liu, Yuan Yuan Wang, Fu Xiang Wei

Abstract: Five novel deep eutectic ionic liquids were prepared from relatively simple quaternary ammonium salts and imidazole. All of these salts are...

Authors: Xin Yao, Xin Yu Pan, Yong Ming Hui, Meng Yuan Zheng, Jian Yu Yang, Zhi Chao Wang, Yong Feng Li

Abstract: In order to obtain high molecular weight polyacrylamide coagulant, preparation of the initial reaction temperature, dose of the azo...

Authors: Jin Ying Li, Jin Chao Li, Man Li Gao

Abstract: Environmental performance evaluation is a multi-attribute evaluation problem. The determination of indicators’ weight is the key problem in...

Authors: Jun You Shi, Sheng You Ye

Abstract: This study was carried out to investigated the effect of addition ammonia which concentration is 20 percent modified...

Authors: Xiao Lei Lv, Fang Ma, Li Wei, Li Wang, Chang Long Pang

Abstract: In this study, a survey for the spatial distribution of heavy metals in Shouguang reed wetland of China was conducted. Samples were...

Authors: Min Wang, Zhi Jun Xu, Tian Lei Qiu, Xiao Hong Sun, Mei Lin Han, Xu Ming Wang

Abstract: Lactic acid (LA) production from food waste (FW) is a novel recycling method for organic solid waste. In this study, 35.12g/L LA produced...

Authors: Fu Xiang Hu, Xi Jun Hu, Jun Shan Tan

Abstract: Using the theories of fuzzy mathematics and urban ecology, a basic evaluation model of urban ecosystem is established and the evaluative...

Authors: Yao Cheng, Fang Ma, Cong Du

Abstract: The development of integrated watershed management has become an important issue among the most urgent priorities. For a well developed...

Authors: Tie Dong Liu, Wen Feng Gong, Wei Hong Wang

Abstract: This paper, based on the forest map of Mao’er Mountain in 1983 and forest inventory sub-compartment database of Mao’er Mountain in 2004, and...


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