Environment Materials and Environment Management, EMEM2010

Volumes 113-116

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.113-116

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Authors: Jian Guo Liu, Qun Hui Wang, Hong Zhi Ma, Shuang Wang

Abstract: To achieve high value-added utilization, vinasse was chosen as raw material for l-lactic acid production. Alkali methods, microwave were...

Authors: Wen Xin Li, Ji Jun Xu

Abstract: The adsorbability of the wool with three different treatment ways were studied in this paper. The effects of different factors including pH...

Authors: Lei Wen

Abstract: Cleaner production is an efficient way to reduce the consumption of energy and environment pollution for electric power industry. But how to...

Authors: Hui Ping Zeng, Dong Li, Jie Zhang

Abstract: “aged” biofilter media was adopted as the inoculum to accelerate the maturation of biofilter for iron and manganese removal in the start-up...

Authors: Juan Fang Xu, Shou Qian Sun, Hai Ning Wang

Abstract: In order to simulate and real-time monitor the abrupt air pollution dispersion, we built a web environment information system (Web-EIS)....

Authors: Min Qu, Yan Ming Zhang, Xin Ling Li, Quan Wei Wang

Abstract: In order to verify the transcription factor CBF2 gene can be induced to express in plant and improve the plant salt resistance, they were...

Authors: Li Ping Xu, Xin Wang

Abstract: 12 kinds of vegetables were determined the content of mercury, arsenic and plumbum by atomic fluorescence spectrometry. The results of 12...

Authors: Ning Liu, Hong Bo He, Hong Tu Xie, Zhen Bai, Xu Dong Zhang

Abstract: Fertilization is one of the essential managements to maintain and increase soil organic carbon (SOC) level in agroecosystems. It has been...

Authors: Xiao Pu, Bi Zhe Wang, Yi Ting Chen, Hong Guang Cheng

Abstract: Environmental impact assessment (EIA) system has gradually developed in China while several problems still exist in the ecological...

Authors: B. Gao, Y. Lin

Abstract: In order to treat acid mine drainage with low-level uranium(AMDU), this paper considers 721 mine, located in Jiangxi province, as an...


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