Environment Materials and Environment Management, EMEM2010

Volumes 113-116

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.113-116

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Authors: Ming Ming Wang, Shou Qi Bing, Yu Wen Zhou, Xin Xi Zhang

Abstract: In order to control stormwater runoff and reduce water pollution, stormwater management planning was carried out in Futian River watershed...

Authors: Shan Qiu, Fang Ma, Li Li Feng, Yuan Chen, Chong Tan

Abstract: The concentration of dissolved oxygen (DO) and organics in biological aerated filters (BAFs) changes with the height. Due to the different...

Authors: Zi Ming Kou, Rui Li

Abstract: To overcome the difficulties, because of the unpredictability, uncertainty and randomicity of the urgent accident, in addition to randomness...

Authors: An Li, Zhong Lin Chen, Lei Yang

Abstract: N-Nitrosodimethylamine(NDMA) is known as a carcinogenic and mutagenic compound ,and in recent years, it has been found to be a novel...

Authors: Qi Zhou Dai, Fei Liao, Shao Qing Cai, Jia De Wang, Jian Meng Chen

Abstract: Organic wastewater pollution control was one of the focus researches for environmental workers. In this study, high active electrode was...

Authors: Yi Jin, Mu Zhang, Da Gang Gu

Abstract: Water quality is more and more important for people all over the world. But there are many problems in ordinary monitoring system for water...

Authors: Jian Ge Tao

Abstract: Environmental management is based on environmental theory, Game theory and control theory. Facing three major scientific issues that called...

Authors: Yu Shu Xie, Bing Xue Song, Tong Wang, Pei Yi Wang

Abstract: Five classrooms in a Primary School in Xuanwu District of Beijing were chosen for investigation of indoor air quality. In the autumn...

Authors: Yu Tian, Lin Chen, Xin Ying Su, Chu Qing Cao

Abstract: Recent trend for membrane bioreactor (MBR) operation was to apply a low sludge retention time (SRT) to decrease the fouling propensity and...

Authors: Xi Zhong Yuan, Cheng Cheng Liu, Wei Cui, Fei Liu

Abstract: The workability of excessively wet subgrade can be effectively improved by using a “green materials” based entirely on industry byproduct of...


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