Environment Materials and Environment Management, EMEM2010

Volumes 113-116

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.113-116

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Authors: Qing Guang Liu, Zong Guang Diao, Jing Yu Sun

Abstract: Water eutrophication has become one of the most serious problems in Chaohu Lake problem in recent years, and understanding the mechanisms of...

Authors: Kun Wang, Hui Ling Duan, Li Kun Huang, Wen Shuai Wang

Abstract: We analyzed characteristics and concentrations of water-soluble inorganic ions based on fixed routine collection of atmospheric particulate...

Authors: Wei Zhao, Chun Hua He, Gaung Ming Zhang

Abstract: Photosynthetic bacteria (PSB) have various applications but the culture cost is very expensive. To find an efficient and economic culture...

Authors: Ji Chang Zhou

Abstract: The environmental social subjects relationship are benefit relations among the environmental social social subjects, the occurrence of the...

Authors: Yi Chuan Zhang, Li Fang Qiao, An Guo Qi, Lian Fang Yao

Abstract: The urban artificial wetland is an important component of an urban green space system, and the adoption of quantitative method for studying...

Authors: Shu Lai Xu

Abstract: In order to process and preserve vegetables by High Pressure Processing (HPP), the texture and tissue of celery processed by HPP was studied...

Authors: Ping Jia Luo, Rong Hu

Abstract: In order to back Low-Carbon Cities Plan, China’s urban renewal and the protection of traditional neighborhoods, and after literature...

Authors: Yuan Gang Zu, Zhi Guang Ren, Xiu Hua Zhao, Peng Xiao, Yao Zhang

Abstract: In this study, batch adsorption experiments were carried out for the biosorption of Cd2+ and Pb2+ from aqueous solutions by the invasive...

Authors: Jun You Shi, Gu Yue Wang

Abstract: The biomass cushioning packaging materials was prepared using sunflower stalk pith residue as raw materials. The systemic researches of the...

Authors: Xing Guan Ma, Tie Shan Ming, Wei Cui, Jin Xiang Fu, Zhi Xiao Ma, Zi Wang

Abstract: The filter media from iron and manganese biological removal filter which w- as replaced by new termly can be re-used. The sand filter media...


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