Environment Materials and Environment Management, EMEM2010

Volumes 113-116

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.113-116

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Authors: Hong Wei Wang, Xin Yu Wang, Jian Huang, Xiao Hong Wu, Li Wei

Abstract: The oil-water of alkali-surfactant-polymer flooding separation in Daqing oil field is difficult, which result in excessive oil in waste...

Authors: Lin Meng, Ying Xin, Yu Sen Zhao

Abstract: In this paper, the shrub windbreak and sand-fixing sand barrier of Bairin Youqi in Chifeng in the east of Horqin Sandy Land is the research...

Authors: Cong Ma, Shui Li Yu, Li Wei, Lin Yan Zhang

Abstract: The hydraulic residence time (HRT) is a key parameter affecting the water treatment process, concerning water quality guarantee, short HRT...

Authors: Jian Yang Li, An Zhu, Qi Ming Zhao, Yang Wang, Xiu Ya Jiang, Ju Yuan

Abstract: The affiliated hospital of Guiyang Medical University was the first organization using the application of sewage heat pump system to cool...

Authors: Nian Xin Zhou, Ya Qun He, Chen Long Duan, Shu Ai Wang

Abstract: Comminution is a key part of the reutilization of discarded circuit board. In order to find out the most appropriate method of crushing, the...

Authors: Cheng Liu, Wei Chen, Nai Yuan Gao

Abstract: Jar-test experiments were performed to investigate the effectiveness of enhanced coagulation in organic removal from Huangpu river water....

Authors: Yong Feng Li, Yong Ming Hui, Xin Yao, Lu Wang, Qian Wen Song, Sha Liu, Shi Miao Dong

Abstract: In this experiment, brown sugar was chosen as the substrate of continuous operation. A lab-scale expanded granular sludge blanket (EGSB)...

Authors: Edith I. Madukasi, Gaung Ming Zhang

Abstract: A two stage bioreactor was employed in bioremediation study of laboratory simulated brewery wastewater. Two weeks anaerobic dark incubation...

Authors: Hai Min WEI

Abstract: In order to build the rural ecological civilization, and promote the building of a new socialist countryside, we must attach importance to...

Authors: Xue Mei Guan, Ming Hui Guo

Abstract: This paper takes plantation pinus sylvestnis var. mongolica litv. as study object, determines main anatomical factors influencing wood...


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