Manufacturing Process Technology

Volumes 189-193

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Quan Wang, Wen Biao Gong, Da Qian Sun

Abstract: Microstructures, thermal shock resistance and isothermal oxidation resistance of plasma-sprayed nanostructured ceria stabilized zirconia...

Authors: Xiao Dong Zhao, Xi Qiu Fan, Mei Ling Tian

Abstract: According to the status and service environment of a domestic wharf, the corrosion of reinforced concrete structure was evaluated by...

Authors: Lin Sen Ye, Xiao Bin Xian, Yong Yang

Abstract: The pure vanadium specimen of 99.65% relative density was prepared by hot isostatic pressing. The initial oxidation characteristics and...

Authors: Zhong Jia Huang, Dang Sheng Xiong, Jian Liang Li, Ming Lang Liu

Abstract: The MoS2 powders was coated with Al2O3 ratio varying 5wt.% to 50wt.% content....

Authors: Hong Jun Liu

Abstract: Extrusion Freeform Fabrication Process (EFF) is an environmentally friendly solid freeform fabrication method that uses aqueous pastes to...

Authors: Li Ming Feng, Xue Wei

Abstract: In order to obtain stable and homogeneous diamond-Ni-P composite electroless plating, dispersants were selected by determining the height of...

Authors: Guo Liang Li, Xiao Hua Jie, Ling He

Abstract: Multi-component metal ceramic coating(Ti, Al)C was prepared on the 0.45% carbon steel by electrical discharge coating (EDC) in a hydrocarbon...

Authors: Geng Wu Liu

Abstract: As we know , the materials will swell and contract when it is heated or cooled . A kind of method for mastery the real contractive rate of...

Authors: Xiao Ping Luo, Lan Ting Xia, Ming Gang Zhang

Abstract: The effect of Cd and Sb addition on the microstructural and mechanical properties of as-cast AZ31 alloys was investigated and compared. The...

Authors: Dong Mei Wang

Abstract: The flat compression properties of corrugated sandwich structure are an important factor to evaluate their cushioning properties. At...


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