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Authors: Wei Gong, Chun Zhang, Jie Yu, Ying He, Li He
Abstract:The tensile model of foams is built using UG software and the tensile deformation processes of microcellular polypropylene foams with...
Authors: Long Lu, Ming Hao Ren, Tao Jiang
Abstract:40Cr steel substrate is coated with TiAlN/TiN films by Multi-arc ion technology. The properties of sliding friction and wear on the surfaces...
Authors: Jian Feng Li, Li Zhi Guo
Abstract:Mo/Al2O3 solar energy selective absorbing coating is simulated on computer. Mo/Al2O3 metal...
Authors: Jian Yi Cheng, Fang Xin Yu, Xue Wen Ao
Abstract:Effect of two-step deforming and aging process on the properties and structure of Cu-Cr-Zr-Mg-Si alloy was investigated. The results show...
Authors: Jin Gang Tang, Dao Xin Liu, Yun Tao Xi, Xiao Hua Zhang
Abstract:AISI 420 martensite stainless steel was plasma nitrided with/without shot peening (SP) previously at 350 °C. The FF resistance of researched...
Authors: Yu Bai, Zhi Hai Han, Hong Qiang Li, Chao Xu, Yan Li Xu, Chun Hua Ding, Jian Feng Yang
Abstract:In this paper, the microstructure of nanostructured zirconia (ZrO2) based coating fabricated by newly developed process, high...
Authors: Jun Gao, Zhen Ming Yue, Shu Xia Lin
Abstract:Magnesium alloys have been attracting much more attentions due to its low density, high specific strength and its lightweight during the past...
Authors: Pei Yan, Jian Xin Deng, Zhen Chen, Yun Song Lian, Jun Zhao, Xing Ai
Abstract:ZrTiN hard coatings were deposited by multi-arc ion plating on tungsten carbide substrates, using separated Ti and Zr targets in nitrogen and...
Authors: Ya Zhang, Jian Zhong Fu, Zi Chen Chen
Abstract:Measurement process has an important impact on the reliability of measurement. The reliability of measurement is weighed by measurement...
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