Advanced Engineering Materials

Volumes 194-196

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiu Wei An, Jing Song Wang, Xue Feng She, Yin Gui Ding, Qing Guo Xue

Abstract: Based on the equations of mass conservation, energy conservation and chemical reaction rates, a mathematical model of direct reduction for...

Authors: Xu Zhang, Jian Liang Zhang, Hao Guo

Abstract: The coke reaction index and solution loss reaction starting temperature were tested by the thermo gravimetric test. According to the...

Authors: Yan Wu, Yan Lu, Xiang Zhao, Liang Zuo

Abstract: The effect of magnetic field on diffusion behavior of carbon in pure iron was investigated. The results showed that the magnetic field can...

Authors: Hong Ming Long, Jia Xin Li, Ping Wang, Ru Fei Wei

Abstract: Dioxins are a kind of extremely toxic and Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs). Sintering process has become one of the most dominant...

Authors: Yan Wu, Xiang Zhao, Chang Shu He, Liang Zuo

Abstract: Sheets of cold rolled (76%) IF steel were annealed at 650°C for 30min under a 12-tesla magnetic field. During the magnetic field annealing,...

Authors: Ning Bo Liao, Miao Zhang, Rui Jiang, Xi Tao

Abstract: Silicon nitride presents good mechanical properties and thermal stability at high temperature. To investigate the mechanism of this unique...

Authors: Guang Yao Xiong, Yan Lin Wang, Bo Lin He, Long Zhi Zhao

Abstract: Along with the rapid development of the science and technology, the requirements of microstructure and properties for the bearing steel are...

Authors: An Ming Li, Meng Juan Hu

Abstract: The influence of sub-temperature quenching temperature on the strength and hardness of 65Mn steel during austenite inverse phase...

Authors: Yun Long Yang, Zhan Yi Cao, Zhen Song Lian, Hai Xia Yu

Abstract: The kind of ductile Ni-resist cast iron which will be used to exploit the exhaust manifold in First Automotive Works mainly contains up to...

Authors: Jun Sheng Huang, Sheng Min

Abstract: Fe-1.5Cu-1.5Ni-0.5Mo-0.3C alloy was prepared by powder metallurgy (P/M) warm compaction. Under the conditions of compaction pressures of 600...


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