Advanced Engineering Materials

Volumes 194-196

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lei Zhang, Sheng Tao Zhang, Xiao Li

Abstract: The inhibition effect of tinidozole on the corrosion of mild steel in 3% HCl solution has been investigated through weight loss...

Authors: Wang Xiao, Zuo Cheng Wang, Xie Bin Wang, Xian Da Li, Jun Qing Gao, Xiu Ling Zhao, Chang Xing Dong

Abstract: To lower the fracture appearance transition temperature (FATT) of Nb-treated HSLA H-beams further, boron-nickel-added Nb-treated HSLA...

Authors: Ji Fang Xu, Jie Yu Zhang, Chang Jie, Lei Tang, Kuo Chih Chou

Abstract: The characteristic temperatures of the selected quaternary CaO-MgO-Al2O3-SiO2 slags have been measured by...

Authors: Xin Zhang, Yi Xiong

Abstract: The effects of temperature and strain rate on the thermal deformation-behavior of Cu-P weathering steel were studied by using thermal...

Authors: Zhi Jun Gong, Wei Song, Yong Lin Ma

Abstract: Physical modeling of argon shroud was carried out using a 2D 1:1 scaled model in order to gain the protection effect in steel casting. The...

Authors: Yue Cong Wang, Yi Ci Wang, Guo Ping Luo, Guang Jie Zhang, Qian Bing Lu

Abstract: A typical kind of silicate gangue — sodium pyroxenite (mainly containing NaFeSi2O6) in Baiyunebo iron ore is selected...

Authors: Bing Liu, Xin Mei Li, Xiang Liu, Chun Yao Wang

Abstract: Effects of different impact angles such as 45°and 90°on the erosion-abrasion properties of hypereutectic Al-Mn alloy and its composites...

Authors: Xue Xia Xu, Bing Zhe Bai, Wei You

Abstract: The composition and heat treatment of heavy section forging steel for reactor pressure vessel were optimized applying physical and numerical...

Authors: Guo Ping Luo, Sheng Li Wu, Yi Ci Wang, Guang Jie Zhang, Zhi Zhong Hao, Hu Lin Wu

Abstract: The effects of compound silicate gangue on mineral composition and microstructure of sinter produced by Baiyunebo iron ore concentrates was...

Authors: Xin Xia Qi, Geng Zhang, Qi Jia

Abstract: Based on practical production technology, using some methods like segregation index analysis, the research is focused on the relationship...


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