Advanced Engineering Materials

Volumes 194-196

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bin Xue, Tian Hui Zhang, Ren Ping Xu

Abstract: B610CF steel is a newly steel, and is widely used. The test data of tensile strength for B610CF steel is fitted several kinds of probability...

Authors: Lian Hong Yang, Ya Zheng Liu, Le Yu Zhou, Long Jiao Li

Abstract: OM, SEM, TEM and XRD were used to analyze microstructure and oxidation layer of 430 stainless steel during hot rolling, and microstructure...

Authors: Li Juan Li, Ruo Wei Shao

Abstract: In order to guide the rolling process in industry, the effect of heat treatment temperatures and holding times on the structure and...

Authors: Jian Xun Fu, Xiang Dong Li, Weng Sing Hwang

Abstract: The dynamic coefficient of thermal expansion for steel Q235 during cooling was investigated using experimental measurements and model...

Authors: Wei Juan Li, Guo Dong Wang

Abstract: The TMCP and bake hardening experiments were carried out for the test steel,the microstructure analyses,mechanical properties and bake...

Authors: Jie Lie, Cheng Ling Ge, Hai Chuan Wang, Ling Li, Qi Xuan Rui, Guang Wu Tang

Abstract: Effect of ultrasonic treatment time on inclusions in high carbon steel with the addition of pure rare earth Ce was investigated. The results...

Authors: Shou Bin Zhang, Wei Juan Li

Abstract: The thermal expansion curves are measured by Gleeble-1500 thermomechanical simulator for Cr-Mo steel during continuous cooling...

Authors: Zi Qiang Lv, Qing Yuan Ma, Xiao Jun Su

Abstract: Oxygen injector is oxygen supply equipment for steelmaking process. Based on the numerical simulation of the flow field of a new coherent...

Authors: Guan Jun Liu, Xin Hua Mao, Feng Tian, Hui Rong Zhang

Abstract: AZ91D Magnesium alloy matrix composites (MMC) were fabricated by squeezing-infiltration casting with the preform made of crystallined...

Authors: Guan Jun Liu, Wen Fang Li, Ji Hua Peng

Abstract: The aging hardening curves of Al2O3-SiO2(sf) / AZ91D composites (MMCs) with different volume...


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