Advanced Engineering Materials

Volumes 194-196

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gui Hua Hou, Zhan Hong Wang, Yui Chi Cui

Abstract: A new idea for improving heat fade performance of organic based friction materials was invented; the method is to dope high specific heat...

Authors: Bu Nv Liang, Biao Chen, Zhen Yu Zhang, Peng Lin Zhang

Abstract: FeNi alloy powders with and without 0.4 % CeO2 were flame spray welded onto 1045 carbon steel substrate. Vickers microhardness...

Authors: Hai Chuan Wang, Zhi You Liao, Rui Peng Pang, Peng Hong, Shi Jun Wang, Jie Lie, Gui Wang, Matthew S. Dargusch

Abstract: Three binary Fe-based alloys Fe-S, Fe-Si, and Fe-Mn has been designed and melted in order to investigate the effect of static magnetic field...

Authors: Zhi You Liao, Hai Chuan Wang, Peng Hong, Xin Li, Jie Lie, Shi Jun Wang, Gui Wang, Matthew S. Dargusch

Abstract: Pulsed electric field has been effectively used to control and modify the solidification process in castings. In this study, a pulsed...

Authors: Guan Qiao Hu, Yan Ping Zeng, Hai Lin Chen

Abstract: The effects of hot-rolling coiling time on texture of a new cold-rolled non-oriented electrical steel containing copper were investigated....

Authors: Ai Jun Hu, Cong Wu, Jie Zheng, Zhi Hua Zhang, Qiong Xi Chen, Rong Liu, Xue Liu, Yi Ming Wang

Abstract: Nano rice starch prepared by ultrasonic-assisted inverse suspension polymerization was investigated on its physicochemical, gel structure...

Authors: Hong Juan Wang, Feng Qiang Sun, Ming Zhong Ren, Qing Wei Guo

Abstract: Nanoporous SnO2 with high photocatalytic activity has been successfully prepared by a photochemical method, using...

Authors: Ling Li, Hong Liang Li, Ying Chun Zhu, Ai Ping Fu, Yong Wan, Xiu Song Zhao

Abstract: Polystyrene (PS) spheres encapsulated core-shell composites of SiO2 or TiO2 nanoparticles were prepared by the spray...

Authors: Jia Chuan Lin, Meng Kai Hsu, Hsi Ting Hou, Jia Chi Pan

Abstract: In this work, a combined process for simultaneously manufacturing nanoporous silicon (NPS) and its metallization was present. The key point...

Authors: Ya Nan Sun, Xi Yu Ding, Li Na Du, Zhen Jiang, Hui Xu, Ya Biao Yu, Yang Li, Qi Qing Zhang

Abstract: L-Tryptophan and 5-Hydroxy-Tryptophan were used to synthesis the plate-like gold particles. The morphology of gold plates can be tunable...


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