Advanced Engineering Materials

Volumes 194-196

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ke Jie Li, Quan an Li, Xiao Hui Zhang

Abstract: The Mg-12Gd-2Y-0.5Sm-0.5Sb-0.5Zr alloy was prepared under flux protection. The morphology and crystal structure of β′ precipitate phases in...

Authors: Ai Ju Li, Hong Yu Chen, Long Chuan Dou, Hui Wang, Wei Zhang

Abstract: The effects of different Sn or Se content on the corrosion behavior of lead-Sn or Pb-Sn_Se alloy in sulfuric acid solutions were...

Authors: Chang Lin Fan, Hui Ji

Abstract: Displacement based seismic design of RC frame with friction damper is proposed in this paper based on the displacement shape of RC frame....

Authors: Chun Xiang Xu, Hui Ju, Yang Zhou

Abstract: Effect of Ca addition on the morphology modification in Mg-7Al-0.8Zn-0.2Mn-1Si (AS71) alloys has been investigated using X-ray diffraction...

Authors: Chang Qing Li, Quan an Li, Xing Yuan Zhang, Qing Zhang

Abstract: The microstructure and mechanical properties of aged Mg-5.5Al-1.2Y magnesium alloy with Sb addition are investigated by optical microscope,...

Authors: Qing Zhang, Quan An Li, Xiao Tian Jing, Chang Qing Li

Abstract: By microstructure analysis and microhardness measuration, solid solution strengthening of Sm in Mg-10Y-1.5Sm alloy after solid solution and...

Authors: Sheng Gang Zhou, Pei Xian Zhu, Yong Sun, Li Da Sun

Abstract: Taking Sn as the third element in the Al/Pb immiscible system, the Al-Sn-Pb layered composite materials at different temperatures were...

Authors: Yao Ling Xu, Hong Li Hou

Abstract: The response of electro-magneto-elastic long fiber composites containing periodically distributed reinforced phases under antiplane shear...

Authors: Jian Xin Xu, Ding He Li

Abstract: A hybrid governing equation of the static response quantities and its sensitivity coefficients is derived for the composite laminated plates...

Authors: Ding He Li, Chen Dou, Jian Xin Xu

Abstract: Meshless element of Hamilton canonical equation was established in this paper by combining the modified Hellinger-Reissner variational...


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