Advanced Engineering Materials

Volumes 194-196

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Fang Zhang, Dan Tian Zhang, Ze Sheng Yan, Yong Chang Liu

Abstract: The massive transformation, austenite (γ) → ferrite (α), in Fe-4Cr alloy subjected to cooling from the high-temperature austenite down to...

Authors: Mou Sheng Song, Mao Wu Ran

Abstract: In this paper, the problem of plastic strain energy density as a evaluation of low-cycle fatigue (LCF) properties for A356 alloys with...

Authors: Kessaraporn Wathanyu, Siriporn Rojananan

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to study the microstructures and hardness of silver alloys after internal oxidation process. The Ag-5Sn and Ag-5Cu...

Authors: Zhong Jun Wang, Yang Xu, Jing Zhu

Abstract: The microstructures and corrosion resistance of AZ91 and AZ91+0.5 wt.% erbium (Er) magnesium alloys were studied, respectively. The results...

Authors: Chang Chun Yang, Yong Lin Kang, Sheng Qin, Li Xin Wang

Abstract: The effect of solution treatment from 1050°C to 1200°C, soaking time 15min on microstructure, mechanical properties and precipitation...

Authors: Jin Zhu Zhang, Sheng Tao Dou

Abstract: The interaction among Cerium, Arsenic and Iron at high temperature were studied by means of electron probe microanalysis, optical microscopy...

Authors: Qiang Liu, De Jun Li, Feng Shou Shangguan, Yao Rong Feng, Ke Tong

Abstract: The hot deformation behavior of Fe-25Mn-3Si-3Al TWIP steel were investigated by isothermal single-pass compression on Gleeble-3500 thermal...

Authors: Jing Song Wang, Li Jun Cao, Jing Hua Wang, Hao Yan Sun, Shu You Huang, Qing Guo Xue

Abstract: The dynamic viscosities of molten Zr55Ni5Al10Cu30 and Zr50Cu50 alloys were...

Authors: Ming Chu Yin, Tao Gao, En Zhi Chen

Abstract: Transformation point of titanium alloy is an important material parameter in hot forming and heat treatment for titanium alloy. Used the...

Authors: Ya Ni Zhang, Mao Sheng Zheng, Jie Wu Zhu

Abstract: The corrosion behavior of CuCr, CuZr and CuCrZr alloys in NaCl solution is reported in this paper. The corrosion performance has been...


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