Advanced Engineering Materials

Volumes 194-196

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qing Wang, Zhao Yang Ding, Jing Da, Jing Zhang, Zhi Tong Sui

Abstract: The effect of Cs+ ion and Rb+ ion in the molten salt of different proportion on the single panel fire-resistant glass...

Authors: Hong Zhu Quan

Abstract: Although the adhered mortar content affects the properties of recycled aggregate concrete, there are few papers describing those effects....

Authors: Bao Min Wang, Ni Tu

Abstract: Using waste to produce a new type of air entraining agent (AEA), carrying out research of the concrete’s mixture performance, mechanical...

Authors: Xin Jun Feng, Xu Dong Zha

Abstract: Marshall test design methods are used to design TLA modified asphalt mixture and base asphalt mixture respectively, and their pavement...

Authors: Hai Liang Wang, Zhuo Cui, Chuan Li, Ru Cang Bao

Abstract: We have made the concrete test blocks, which were blasted by different charge quantities in the semi-infinite soil. Using the SHIMADZU...

Authors: Meng Lan Jiang, Jun Feng Guo, Rong Min Wang, Yong Feng Zhu, Xiao Wen Wang, Yu Feng He

Abstract: A new kind of self-cross-linked potato starch graft copolymer (PoSt-g-P) was prepared successfully by emulsifier-free emulsion...

Authors: Hai Liang Wang, Li Zhen Meng, Zhuo Cui, Shao Xian Li

Abstract: This paper measures moisture porosity of explosive lining test pieces after long-term water immersion, so are the test pieces in standard...

Authors: Zhi Min He, Xiao Ju Shen, Jun Zhe Liu

Abstract: The use of fly ashes for cement-replacement purposes, especially in high volumes, decreases rate of early strength development of the steam...

Authors: Li Qun Hu, Ai Min Sha

Abstract: Laboratory tests were conducted to evaluate the performance of cement stabilized “skeleton-dense structure” aggregate and conventional...

Authors: Jie Zhao, Jian Jun Zheng, Gai Fei Peng, Klaas van Breugel

Abstract: High performance concrete will undergo thermal-mechanical degradation or even spalling under high temperature conditions, such as fire, and...


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