Advanced Engineering Materials

Volumes 194-196

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Zhou Peng, Kai Chen, Shu Guang Hu

Abstract: The interfacial properties of reactive powder concretes (RPCs), other known as ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC), containing steel slag...

Authors: Yi Ming Sun, Hu An Li, Man Li

Abstract: A compatilizer PP-g-Vi-PDMS for PP/RTV blends was prepared through a melt extrusion-grafting method. The tentative mechanism of the enhanced...

Authors: Shu Yang Yu, Hai Yan Tan, Xiang Li Weng, Min Xu

Abstract: Carbon in wood accounted for 50% of oven dry weight, and wood construction architecture consumes less energy than any other material...

Authors: Le Sheng Hu, Shui Fu Chen

Abstract: This paper presents a numerical strategy for realistic modelling of the internal material configuration and cracking of concrete on...

Authors: Xin Yong Xu, Quan Sheng Luo, Zhen Yue Ma

Abstract: The transient temperature field and thermal creep surrounding concrete are analyzed with a three-dimensional FEM model that simulates the...

Authors: Yong Tao Gao, Xiao Hu

Abstract: With the unilateral extending test on 4 teams*12 aluminum alloy round pipes, compressing test on 4 teams*4 pipes and repeating...

Authors: Ou Ou, Xin Gui Zhang, Nian Ping Yi

Abstract: The liquid soil stabilizer technology is a chemically modified method that can stabilize or reinforce those soils with weak engineering...

Authors: Jiang Yong Cai, Ying Ying Liu, Xue Liang Wang, Jing Liang Xiong, Hong Xia Wan, Zhi Feng Tu

Abstract: Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) bars are being used as an alternative to steel bars to overcome the corrosion problem. Design criteria and...

Authors: Long Sheng Bao, Xiao Fang Zhang, Ling Yu, Guang Shan Zhu

Abstract: In order to study on the influence of chloride ion on pavement performance of base material with fly-ash-flushed-by-seawater and the...

Authors: Hai Feng Yang, Zhi Heng Deng, Xue Liang Li

Abstract: 24 100mm × 100mm × 300mm recycled concrete prisms and 96 150mm × 150mm × 150mm cubes are completed in this paper.The relationships of the...


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