Advanced Engineering Materials

Volumes 194-196

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bao Lin Zhu, Xin Huang, Ye Guo

Abstract: On the basis of the principle for the highest filling degree of cement hydrates, it is synthetically considered that a matching connection...

Authors: Xin Yu Zhang, Emmanuel Gallucci, Karen Scrivener

Abstract: Alkali aggregate reaction (AAR) is known leading to great damage in concrete, both in compressive strength and in durability. In this study,...

Authors: Hui Mi Hsu, Hao Hsien Chen, Sao Jeng Chao, An Cheng, Cheng Yang Wu, Chuan Tsung Ma

Abstract: The disposal and reuse of waste combustion residues has become a critical topic recently in view of the method of treating household wastes...

Authors: Shui Zhang, Guo Zhong Li, Chao Ning

Abstract: Styrene-acrylic emulsion was selected to modify the cement mortar which was prepared as the crack mending material for the concrete...

Authors: Bao Jia Li, Guo Zhong Li

Abstract: The composite cementitious material was prepared with soda residue and fly ash. The mechanical properties were improved by mixing calcined...

Authors: Xiao Rong Shao

Abstract: This paper made experimental research on the compressive strength, axis compressive strength and splitting tension strength of polypropylene...

Authors: Hong Bo Tan, Bao Guo Ma, Kai Ke, Jun Xiao

Abstract: In the ternary system of hydroxy carboxylate (HC), sulfonation-polyol (SP) and carboxylic-vinyl copolymer (PC), HC and SP preferentially...

Authors: Dong Lin Wang

Abstract: In this paper, The GDS unsaturated soil triaxial apparatus are employed for experimental tests to obtain the main characteristics of the...

Authors: Dong Lin Wang

Abstract: By using of shrinkage curve, the empirical relationship between the degree of saturation and the void ratio on drying path was established...

Authors: Jun Wang, Zi Jian Zhang

Abstract: The water-cement ratio and cement content are key factors which reflect the anti-penetration of the concrete. To study the slag cement...


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