Advanced Engineering Materials

Volumes 194-196

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guo Li, Ying Shu Yuan, Xin Liu, Jian Min Du, Fu Min Li

Abstract: Environment climate conditions are important influencing factors on concrete carbonation rates. Influences of concrete internal microclimate...

Authors: Si Fa Xu, Zhe Wang, Yong Zhang

Abstract: A liner system such as liner sheet underlying impermeable soil layer having hydraulic conductivity less than 1*10-7 cm/s and a...

Authors: Yong Cun Zhang, Qing Ning Li

Abstract: Based on surface chemistry, the force status of capillary pores of concrete is analyzed and the mechanical model of a single capillary pore...

Authors: Dong Fang Pan, Yun Feng Qiao, Cheng Shuai Sun, Xue Bing Liu

Abstract: To propose the damage model of concrete in the freezing-thawing cycles, the reasonable dissipation function and micro plastic deformation...

Authors: Jian Xiong Ye, Ye Jiang Wang, Shuang Zhao, Ming Chao Yang, Chang Hui Yang

Abstract: The permeability resistance of concrete with ground phosphate slag(GPS) against chloride ion penetration was tested according to ASTM1202...

Authors: Guo Shao Su, Guo Qing Chen, Hong Fei Zhou

Abstract: A novel numerical model for simulating fracturing process of the heterogeneous materials such as rock or rocklike material has been...

Authors: How Ji Chen, Chien Kuo Lin, Wen Po Tsai, Te Hung Liu

Abstract: If concrete is observed at the microscopic level, it can be seen to contain many interfacial transition zones (ITZ), resulting in the...

Authors: Ji Shou Niu, Xian Wei Ma

Abstract: Effects of fly ash on the slump, slump loss with time, dispersibility and strength of nondispersible underwater concrete (NDC) were...

Authors: Li Zhou

Abstract: Pore structure of sandstone has much influence on its hydrophilic characteristics. The results of pressured-mercury testing for sandstone...

Authors: Li Jun Tao, Feng Qiang Sun

Abstract: Poly (methyl methacrylate-co-divinylbenzene) [P(MMA-co-DVB)] microspheres were first synthesized by a simple photoinitiated emulsion...


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