Advanced Engineering Materials

Volumes 194-196

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Bin Zhang, Ling Ling Xu, Ming Shu Tang

Abstract: In order to investigate the effect of particle size on expansive behavior of MgO-based expansive agent (MEA), linear expansion of paste...

Authors: Le Zhou, Lian Guang Wang, Sui Li, Hong Tao Liu

Abstract: This paper presents the experimental research on the bending resistance performance of 3 GFRP tube filled with steel-reinforced...

Authors: Xiao Chu Wang, Xiao Xing Liu, Le Zhou, Hong Tao Liu, Min Yang

Abstract: A design idea has been brought forward about SRC beams strengthened with CFRP, in order to solve flexural capacity shortage and need...

Authors: Tie Yi Zhong, Ming Bo Zhang, Wen Qiu Wang

Abstract: Reactive powder concrete (RPC) is one of new composite material, which is applied in the pilot project of the railways construction....

Authors: Yu Hong Zhang, Zi Jiang Yang, Shi Zhong Liu

Abstract: In this paper, a equivalent-section method of analyzing shear lag effects in box girders is presented. The effect of two major parameters on...

Authors: Hong Mei Ai, Jing Wei, Jun ying Bai, Pu Guang Lu

Abstract: This research aims to find a new way of “turning trash into treasure” for the waste concrete. In the research, waste concrete was first...

Authors: Xiao Jun Li, Ying Ran Liu, Li Hua Jiang, Yi Chuan Tang

Abstract: Through double punch test, the tensile strength of compacted loess is determined under different water contents and different dry densities,...

Authors: Wen Jin Nie, Wei Feng Xin, Tian Ming Xu, Pei Jian Shi, Xiao Bing Zhang

Abstract: The experiment results show that the microstructure control plays a key role for enhancing toughness of heavy thick X80 plates at low...

Authors: Hai Chuan Wang, Dan Liu, Zhi You Liao, Ming Li, Jie Lie, Gui Wang, Matthew S. Dargusch

Abstract: Molten, commercially pure aluminum has been treated ultrasonically with differing input power. The results show that the ultrasonic power...

Authors: Yong Chang Liu, Li Fang Zhang, Xu Yang, Dong Jiang Wang

Abstract: Analytical model for isochronal phase transformation kinetics attracts much attention for its advantages and importance. Adopting an...


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