Advanced Engineering Materials

Volumes 194-196

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Ling Tian, Jiang Bo Yang, Xiao Yan Zhao

Abstract: Foam concrete is provided with light weight, thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire resistance, good seismic performance and other...

Authors: Pan Li Hua, Rui Cheng Yang

Abstract: The kinetics of corrosion process on five Ni—Cr—Mo—Cu alloys designed by the empirical formula APF=4Cr/ (2Mo+Cu) in HCl solution have been...

Authors: Ao Tian Ju, Shu Ying Qu, Xing Min Hou, Jin Tian Wang

Abstract: The purpose of high-limit protection rack under railway bridge is to protect railway bridge, and avoid passing vehicles under railway bridge...

Authors: Jie Ying Sui, Yan Wen Gong, Wen Feng Liu

Abstract: In this paper, a new type of rolling ball isolator was developed. The rolling ball isolator isolates horizontal earthquake with SMA dampers...

Authors: Xiao Dong Li, Xiu Li Wang

Abstract: In the domestic and international, experimental study for the Buckling Restrained Braces(BRBs) focuses on concrete type BRBs at present, but...

Authors: Xiang Jian Wang, En Dong Guo, Mei Jing Zhang

Abstract: Based on seismic damage data of gas pipeline network, obtained through scientific investigation in 18 cities/counties, seismic damage...

Authors: De Ling Wang

Abstract: In this study, Expanded Polystrene (EPS) geofoam is used as seismic buffer to mitigate shock damage of tunnel by earthquake. Four types of...

Authors: Dan Yang, En Dong Guo, Qiong Wang

Abstract: In order to understand the seismic performance and functional failure feature of water supply system, the seismic damage phenomena, damage...

Authors: Wei Yang, Man Sheng Wang, Er Yu Zhu, Yu Cheng

Abstract: In terms of the characteristics of Beijing masonry Structure, the quasi-static test is performed to the rural single-storey brick structure...

Authors: Chao Liu, Guo Liang Bai, Hong Jin Zhao

Abstract: A comparative study is conducted on the seismic behaviors of three recycled aggregate concrete (RAC) frame columns under low cyclic load....


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