Advanced Engineering Materials

Volumes 194-196

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shuang Ming Du, Chen Hu, Ming Jing Wang, Wei Tao Zhao

Abstract: In order to improve the compatibility between SiC particles and aluminum, the SiC/Cu composite powders were prepared by using chemical...

Authors: Ming Kuen Chang, Jia Ying Lin, Yan Huei Peng, Jian Jhih You, Yu Ming Wang

Abstract: This study have used three different montmorillonite by anionic, nonionic and ammonium chloride modifier to prepare polyethylene /...

Authors: Cai Yun Yang, Yong Liu

Abstract: An investigation is reported in which four three-dimensional angle-interlock architectural fabrics were designed and woven. Composite panels...

Authors: Na Yang, Jing Jing Zhang, Ting Guo

Abstract: The accumulative damage model in which the material’s plastic strain is defined as variable and the energy dissipation is also considered is...

Authors: Jian Yi Zhang, Jun Qiang Cao

Abstract: Industrial design is a design practical activity based on innovation. TRIZ is a method and tool about systematic innovation. The invention...

Authors: Chang Sik Choi, Baek Il Bae, Hyun Ki Choi, Il Sung Park

Abstract: Remodeling is also an environmentally-friendly approach that reduces the amount of waste in construction site. Specifically, there are many...

Authors: Baek Il Bae, Hyun Ki Choi, Chang Sik Choi

Abstract: The installation of new opening is necessary for remodeling project, house merging type. Current structural design code cannot provide the...

Authors: Sheng Li Yuan

Abstract: This paper studies the earthquake performance of strengthening unreinforced masonry structures with CFRP. Using CFRP reinforced masonry...

Authors: Dong Ni Chen, Hui Qi, Yong Shi

Abstract: The scattering of SH-wave caused by the subsurface circular cavities in an elastic half-space covered with an elastic layer was discussed,...

Authors: Li Hua Pan, Rui Cheng Yang

Abstract: The kinetics of corrosion process on Ni-Cr-Mo-Cu alloys designed by formula APF=4Cr/(2Mo+Cu) in H2SO4 solution have...


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