New and Advanced Materials

Volumes 197-198

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ying Xu, Li Guang Zhu

Abstract: Crystallization rule of mould powder for high-speed continuous casting was studied and the suitable composition powder was done. The...

Authors: Lin Ge Wang, Hai Tao Zhou, Yi Zhe Zhou

Abstract: This paper demonstrates the natural frequency varying rule with differently critical design parameters for the free vibration...

Authors: Zhung Qing Hu, Xin Zhang

Abstract: An experimental investigation on the effect of hydrogen fraction on the combustion characteristics of a spark ignition engine fueled with...

Authors: Xin Li Wang, Wen Bin Dai, Yan Lu, Shi Yang He, Xiang Zhao

Abstract: β' phase precipitation in a cold rolled Cu-Zn alloy under high density electric current pulses was studied in the present work. The results...

Authors: Wen Bin Kan, Yong Feng Li, Hong Liang Pan

Abstract: The present study developed a subsurface microhardness gradient technique to estimate hydrogen diffusivity of stainless steels, as per the...

Authors: Sheng Qian Ma

Abstract: Hydrogen is a clean, abundant, no-toxic, renewable fuel and packs more energy per unit mass than others. It is important to find a efficient...

Authors: Zhen Lin, Chang Hui Wang, Yu Liu

Abstract: In order to find the reason of the weak performance of a H2/O2 proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) stack, a...

Authors: Hong Wei Cheng, Xiong Gang Lu, Wei Zhong Ding, Qing Dong Zhong

Abstract: Pd (0.1-1 wt%) loaded Ni/Mg(Al)O catalysts have been prepared by co-precipitation and impregnation methods, and their catalytic activities...

Authors: Cong Li, Xun Cheng Wu

Abstract: Thermodynamic analysis was carried out for theoretical reaction of hydrogen produced from dimethyl ether (DME) auto-thermal reforming by...

Authors: Qiu Hong Jia, Ming Han, Bin Deng, Cai Zhi Zhang, Yan Xiao

Abstract: A model of PEMFC is developed that captures dynamic behavior for control purposes. It analyzes in detail the influence factor of voltage of...


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