New and Advanced Materials

Volumes 197-198

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Lei Su, Jie Xu, Zhi Min Li, Xin Hai He, Jun Bo Wang, Chong Fu, Wan Cheng Zhou, Fa Luo

Abstract: N-doped SiC whiskers with diameters of about 0.2 μm and length of 3-7 μm were synthesized via combustion reaction of Si/C system in Ar...

Authors: Jing Guo, Heng Xue Xiang, Qian Qian Wang

Abstract: With stearic acid (SA) as phase change material, waste polyacrylonitrile fiber (PAN) as framework material, N,N-dimethylformamide (DMF) as...

Authors: Bao Rang Li, Hui Bin Chang, Peng Lei Chen

Abstract: Strontium Bismuth Niobium (SBN) ceramics was prepared successfully using the powders synthesized from molten salt method. The evolution of...

Authors: Xiao Gu Huang, Jiao Chen, Peng De Han, Hong Zhou Wang, Shao Teng Yan, Li Xi Wang, Qi Tu Zhang

Abstract: Ba(Zn0.3Co0.7)2Fe16O27 hexagonal ferrites have been prepared by sol-gel method....

Authors: Ti Feng Jiao, Juan Zhou, Jing Xin Zhou, Qiong Wang, Xu Zhong Luo

Abstract: Some novel trigonal Schiff base compounds with aromatic core and different substituted groups have been designed and synthesized from the...

Authors: Jie Sun, Xing Wei Zhang, Jin Hong Meng

Abstract: Electrolysis method was used to prepared stannous methanesulfonate by using tin plate as the anode and graphite as the cathode in the...

Authors: Ti Feng Jiao, Yuan Yuan Xing, Jing Xin Zhou, Wei Wang

Abstract: Some functional luminol derivatives with aromatic substituted groups have been designed and synthesized from the reaction of the...

Authors: Yi Feng Zheng, Lu Cun Guo

Abstract: The effect of MnO2 addition (0–2.0 mol%) on the densification, crystal structure, and ionic conductivity of...

Authors: Xue Wen Chong, Chuan Zhen Huang, Liang Xu, Bin Zou, Han Lian Liu, Hong Tao Zhu

Abstract: TiCxN1-x whiskers were prepared using TiO2 and carbon mixed powder as the starting powder at the atmosphere...

Authors: Ti Feng Jiao, Xu Hui Li, Jing Xin Zhou, Jing Ya Liang, Jing Ren

Abstract: Some functional Schiff base derivatives with azobenzene substituted groups have been designed and synthesized from the reaction of...


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