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Authors: Feng Dai, Xao Gu Huang, Qi Tu Zhang
Abstract:A novel NVIS filter based on NIR-dyes and polymer film was prepared through a special designed method. The relation between optical...
Authors: Hao Yu Shen, Sheng Dong Pan, Fang Fang, Jia Shi
Abstract:M(Salen)-functionalized Fe3O4 polymer magnetic composites (Fe3O4-poly(MMA -DVB-GMA)-M(Salen),...
Authors: Zheng He Hua, Heng Zhang, Ju Peng
Abstract:Superconducting SmFeAsO0.8F0.2 compound was successfully synthesized by high pressure high temperature treatment with...
Authors: Hua Wang, Jian Li, Ji Wen Xu, Ling Yang, Ming Fang Ren
Abstract:Intergrown superlattice Bi3TiNbO9–Bi4Ti3O12 (BTN–BIT) and...
Authors: Fu Xiang Huang, Ping Yin, Yong Hong Xu, Ying Zhang, You Li Yang, Min Li
Abstract:The corrosion performance of Ag-Cu-Ni-RE alloys in Na2S has been studied in order to assess the influence of rare earth (lanthanum and...
Authors: Wen Fang Yang, Zhi Qui Zhang, Zhen Ya Gu, Xiao Xing Shen, Qing Fu Zhang
Abstract:In order to improve the hydrophobic property of Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membrane, in this paper nano-silica was modified by silane...
Authors: Jian Ning Wei, Gao Ping Xu, Li Ling Zhou, Xue Yun Zhou, Wei Jun Xie
Abstract:The paper presents the technology of preparation about foamed metal materials, which were prepared by an air pressure infiltration process.
Authors: Wei Jun Liu, Shou Zhi Pu, Duo Hua Jiang, Pei Jian Yan
Abstract:An unsymmetrical diarylethene derivative bearing both phenyl and thiophene moieties, in which a methoxyl group was substituted at the...
Authors: Guo Qiang Liu, Qiu Yang Wu, Bei Yue Ma
Abstract:The compound h-LiMnBO3 with hexagonal structure and space group of P-6 was synthesized. This compound displayed a...
Authors: Ming Ming Lan, De Yuan Zhang, Jun Cai, Wen Qiang Zhang, Hai Yang Li
Abstract:In this paper, microorganism cells (Spirulina platens) were used as forming templates for the fabrication of the helical functional particles...
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