New and Advanced Materials

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Authors: Yi Zhou, Jian Zuo Ma, Dong Zuo

Abstract: This paper presents a self-adaptive fan clutch for automotive application using MR fluid and SMA. Based on Bingham model, the equation of...

Authors: Jian Rong Xiao, Ai Hua Jiang

Abstract: Copper nitride films were prepared by reactive magnetron sputtering on glass sheets at different deposition conditions. The surface...

Authors: Shan Shan Luo, Wen Kui Li, Ze Hua Zhou

Abstract: N doped ZnO thin films were prepared by magnetron sputtering. The effect of bias voltage, N2 flow and introducing of Al on the...

Authors: A Li Chen, Yue Sheng Wang, Chuan Zeng Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, combined with the supercell technique, the plane wave expansion method is used to calculate the band structures of the...

Authors: Hui Xu, Bing Teng, Zheng He Yu, Fei You, De Gao Zhong, Shi Ming Zhang, Yue Juan Yu, Jiang Tao Ma

Abstract: 4-dimethyla-mino-N-methyl 4-stilbazolium tosylate(DAST) crystals were prepared by the slope nucleation method (SNM). The structural and...

Authors: Zhi Mei Xia, Cui Feng Wan, Sheng Ming Jin, Mo Tang Tang

Abstract: Tetra-needle-like zinc oxide whiskers (T-ZnOW) were coated with Zn and stabilized with Al2O3 consequently. Coating...

Authors: Li Ling Guo, Xue Song Zhang, Xian Wu, Han Xing Liu

Abstract: A hybrid containing two organic components of n-butylamine and methylamine based on CuBr2 was synthesized by reaction in...

Authors: Shi Chun Zhu, Xiao Feng Lu, Jian Ming Gong

Abstract: In this paper, effect of pre-deformation and ageing on compressive behavior of Ti-58.25wt%Ni was investigated at room temperature. Through...

Authors: Hu Nan Liang, Zhu Long, Shu Hui Yang

Abstract: Effect of organic bentonite on rheological behavior of paper coating was studied. Organic bentonite was prepared by treating sodium...

Authors: Shi Guo Du, Yan Ling Lu, Yan Kun Chen, Yi Guo, Qing Hong

Abstract: With soaking treatment, cerium and KH560 silane compound mixture conversion coating are formulated. Various means of analysis such as SEM,...


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