New and Advanced Materials

Volumes 197-198

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hui Hu, Yu Peng Cao, Pei Ning Li

Abstract: A new method of fracture toughness K1C prediction of non power law hardening material by using cleavage fracture local approach...

Authors: Tian Han Xu, Yao Rong Feng, Sheng Yin Song, Zhi Hao Jin, Dang Hui Wang

Abstract: The paper reports on an investigation of the fracture mechanism of both tensile and impact fracture in three types of casing-drilling...

Authors: Ying Xiong, Han Ying Zheng

Abstract: Fatigue tests are carried out for 16MnR welded joint under constant strain control. Test results reveal that 16MnR weld metal exhibits...

Authors: Yang Zhang, Guang Li

Abstract: The deformation resistance of composite tapes was measured through compression tests. At room temperature, composite tapes were compressed...

Authors: Yu Hong Yao, Xiao Feng Shangguan, Jiang Nan Liu, Zheng Pin Wang, Jian Feng Wei

Abstract: With the aircraft structure design criterion from traditional static strength design to damage tolerance design and with the independent...

Authors: Jian Min Wu, Wei Zong

Abstract: Cold recycling technology has been widely used in road maintenance projects. Many roads which have been reconstructed with cold recycling...

Authors: Jun Lin Tao, Wei Fang Xu, Gang Cheng, Xi Cheng Huang, Fang Ju Zhang, Xiao Xia Pan

Abstract: In order to realize the dynamic mechanical property of a steel, the quasic-static and dynamic compressive and tensile mechanical tests of a...

Authors: Ling Wang, Pu Rong Jia

Abstract: The Bauschinger effect (BE) of X80 Pipeline Steel was tested through axial tension and compression loading. Forward and reverse axial...

Authors: Chun Hua Lu, Wei Liang Jin, Jiang Hong Mao

Abstract: Concrete cover cracking induced by reinforcement corrosion is an important problem in reinforced concrete structures. Several existing...

Authors: Lan Feng Zhang, Shi Rong Ge

Abstract: A few experiments are conducted to investigate the effects of different solidification process on the physical hardness and compressive...


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