New and Advanced Materials

Volumes 197-198

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qi Bing Chang, Xing Qin Liu, Xia Wang, Yong Qing Wang, Jian Er Zhou

Abstract: In order to develop porous ceramics with high strength and corrosion resistance as the support for the preparation of asymmetric ceramic...

Authors: Yuan Cheng, Hong Ying Yu, Ying Wang, Xu Meng, Li Xin Zhang, Dong Bai Sun

Abstract: The stress corrosion cracking (SCC) susceptibility of X80 pipeline steel, which was used in the Second West-East Gas Pipeline, was...

Authors: Yi You Tu, Xiang Liang Liu, Min Da Zhang, Jian Jun Zhang

Abstract: Effect of intermediate annealing and final annealing on microstructures and properties of Al3003+Zn sheets is studied. The microstructure of...

Authors: Yong Min Cao, Wen Hui Cao

Abstract: To obtain the critical quantity of Cl- content when magnesite products absorb the moisture and effloresce, some experiments were...

Authors: Xue Xia Zhang, Xiao Chao Cui, Wei Yang Yang, Wen Bin Zhao

Abstract: Analysis of mechanical behaviors near crack tip for linear elastic anisotropic composite plate under bending loadings and twisting loadings...

Authors: Xiao Hui Cao, Shou Jing Wang

Abstract: By using a low frequency inverted torsion pendulum, the high temperature internal friction spectra of Al-0.013wt%Ce alloy subjected to...

Authors: Shu Ge Peng, Jun Na Liu, Xiao Fei Liu, Yu Qing Zhang, Jun Zhang

Abstract: Poly (N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone) (PVP) - stabilized ruthenium (0) nanorods have been successfully synthesized by refluxing ruthenium (Ⅲ)...

Authors: Zhi Qiang Liu, Qing Li Yang, Chu Shu Zhang, Yan Zhang, Shi Qing Wang, Jie Sun

Abstract: The research aimed to provide scientific basis for developing Proanthocyanidins from peanut skin. In this study, the antioxidant activity of...

Authors: Yue Cheng, Xiao Yuan Su, Mang Lu

Abstract: MCM-22 zeolite of high crystallinity was synthesized with varying-temperature hydrothermal method. Zeolite was characterized by means of...

Authors: Tie Jun Liu, Yue Sheng Wang

Abstract: This paper deals with the finite frictional contact of a functionally graded coating with considering the effect of Poisson’s ratio. We...


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