New and Advanced Materials

Volumes 197-198

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Fu Liu, Jian Long Zheng, Guo Ping Qian, Yun Yong Huang

Abstract: This paper describes the laboratory measurement of shear interface properties between asphalt pavement and concrete bridge deck using the...

Authors: Da Lei Zhang, Yan Li, You Hai Jin, Xiao Tang

Abstract: Hydrogen permeation and embrittlement behavior of hot-dip galvanized steels in wet-dry cyclic simulated marine atmospheric environment was...

Authors: Hong Qiang Qu, Wei Hong Wu, Na Li, Jian Zhong Xu

Abstract: The effects of Na2SnO3 and CuSnO3 on the thermal decomposition and fire performance of wood were...

Authors: Li Xiong Gu, Zhi Fang Liu, Zhong Yong Xu

Abstract: In this paper we first review the inertial effect coefficient model for fatigue crak growth (FCG) under constant amplitude (CA) loading...

Authors: Yu Ming Fu, Xuan Chai, Li Juan Zheng, Hui Li

Abstract: The way of pulse discharge strengthening is introduced, and the electromagnetic heat pulse discharge method can increase the strength and...

Authors: Hui Qun Ye

Abstract: This paper presents the results of experimental analysis and theoretical research of piezoelectric stack actuators. The key is to understand...

Authors: Wen Feng Tan

Abstract: By using of closed-form solution for predicting fatigue crack initiation life of a beam subjected to the transverse bending load in large...

Authors: Yu Zhou Jiang, Rui Hong Wang

Abstract: Rock rheology is common in engineering practice, which has an effect on long-term security and stability of the project. In order to...

Authors: Rong Chen, Wang Ping, Zhe Liu

Abstract: CA mortar is a key component of slab track. It is used as the material for leveling damping structure layer between the rigid track slab and...

Authors: Xiong Xi Wu

Abstract: This paper presents the oil quality evaluation system and establishes the two-stage fusion model based on multi-sensor information fusion...


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