New and Advanced Materials

Volumes 197-198

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jie Xu, Yu Fan

Abstract: This paper studies the effects of temperature and crack tip constraint on cleavage fracture toughness of the weld thermal simulated X80...

Authors: Zhen Wei Wang, Ping An Du, Ya Ting Yu

Abstract: Mechanical components are subjected heavy alternate load in industries, such as engine crankshaft, wheel axle, etc. The fatigue failure...

Authors: Ze Jie Zhou, Xiao Ming Wang

Abstract: The fractographic appearance, microstructure, chemical elements and hardness of the pitman shaft of automotive steering gear were analyzed....

Authors: Wei Liu, Gui Qiong Jiao, Wei Xi Zhang, Wei Min Zhang

Abstract: Z-pins reinforced 2D ceramic matrix composites (CMCs), integratedly designed new materials, are developed to enhance 2D CMCs...

Authors: Qing Jie Zhu, Shou Kang Hu, Yan Hua Chen

Abstract: Because the temperature of heat medium in thermal recovery wells is very high, and casing is heated during steam injection process, which...

Authors: Da Lei Zhang, You Hai Jin, Yan Li, Xiao Tang

Abstract: Hydrogen permeation and embrittlement behavior of hot-dip galvanized steels with different sulphite sediment on surface exposed to stimulant...

Authors: Mohd Basri Ali, Shahrum Abdullah, M.Zaki Nuawi, M.M. Padzi, K.A. Zakaria

Abstract: The dynamic responses of the standard charpy impact machine are experimentally studied using the relevant data acquisition system in order...

Authors: Chih Chung Ni

Abstract: Three sets of fatigue crack growth data tested under different constant-amplitude loads for CT specimens made of 2024 T-351 aluminum alloy...

Authors: Kamarul Ariffin Zakaria, Shahrum Abdullah, Mariyam Jameelah Ghazali, Mohd Zaki Nuawi, Mahfodzah M. Padzi

Abstract: Fatigue damage assessment is very important in design process of the component to determine their durability under service loading...

Authors: Bing Xin Gao, Yi Zhang

Abstract: The fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method is used to compare the heat and moisture comfort performance among the natural bamboo fabric, silk...


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