New and Advanced Materials

Volumes 197-198

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rui Ping Liu, Fu Ming Deng, Xue Jun Lu

Abstract: GCr15 bearing steel was turned with PCBN cutting tools in a manner of hard and dry cutting, and the characteristics and morphology of rake...

Authors: Hao Zhu, Cha Qin, Jian Qiang Wang, Fang Juan Qi

Abstract: The material characterization and mechanical behaviors of aluminum alloy (6063) were investigated using flat specimens and the butterfly...

Authors: Wei Guo Li, Ding Yu Li, Chao Wang, Dai Ning Fang

Abstract: Due to the complexity of service environment of thermal protection system on the aerocraft, the thermal shock resistance (TSR) of...

Authors: Shu Sen Liu, Rui Wang, Hong Xiao Xiao

Abstract: This study evaluates the filtration efficiency of a cabin filter and according filter media for fine particle (PM2.5) through laboratory...

Authors: Fei Xue, Zhi Feng Luo, Wei Wei Yu, Zhao Xi Wang, Lu Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, microstructure and impact properties of borated stainless steel type 304B6-GradeB were investigated, which was used as raw...

Authors: Hong Bo Dong, Xin Yang

Abstract: The effects of heat treatment process on the microstructure and mechanical properties of TC4 alloy were investigated. The double shear and...

Authors: Li Hong Yang, Lin Zhi Wu

Abstract: Uni-tension test and torsion test with specimens of A3 steel are completed, and deformation rate, the spin of Euler configuration to...

Authors: Wei Zhou, Xi Wang, Hong Bo Zhang, Ji Li Rong

Abstract: Glass fiber reinforced polymer composites were prepared by dispersing zinc oxide (ZnO) whiskers in resin matrix. Static and dynamic tensile...

Authors: Yong Chang Zhu, Shou Fan Rong, S. N. Shukayev, Jun Wang

Abstract: The properties of gravity casting AZ91D-0.4Ca-0.3Sr alloy with Gd and Y in metal mould were studied by controlling the total strain...

Authors: Zong Min Liu, Hai Yan Song, Ji Ze Mao

Abstract: Quasi-crystals is not only a new structure of solids but also a new class of functional and structural materials. With the research and...


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