Advances in Mechanical Design

Volumes 199-200

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rui Zhang, Guang Ming Chen, Wen Feng Fan, Jian Qiao Li

Abstract: On the basis of the discrete element method (DEM), the non-linear mechanical model of the wear-resistant body surfaces was established. The...

Authors: Qiu Ying Chang, Xian Liang Zheng, Qing Liu

Abstract: Surface texturing has been successfully employed in some tribological applications in order to diminish friction and wear. This technology...

Authors: Si Si Liu, Chao Hui Zhang, Han Bing Zhang

Abstract: When two surfaces are brought into contact or at small separations, the liquid between them forms meniscus, which contributes to adhesion...

Authors: Xiao Guo Chen

Abstract: A general fuzzy clustering analysis theory method is introduced at first, then a GAFCM algorithm and its implement steps are given. The...

Authors: Xiao Bo Zuo, Jian Min Wang, Chao Liang Guan, Juan Li

Abstract: The static performance of an aerostatic bearing with angled surface self-slot-compensation is analyzed. The consistent condition was applied...

Authors: Ping Huo, Jian Ping Wang, Rui Xiang Gao

Abstract: Fracture accidents often take place along the whole clapboard or block in cylinder block of diesel engine during its stand test. From the...

Authors: Jun Wei Fu, Bao Wei Fu

Abstract: The subject relationship between the AM500 Shearer malfunction omen and reason is fuzzy, therefore, in the thesis we draw fuzzy mathematic...

Authors: Ming Qiu, Zhi Lun Gao, Guo Feng Wang, Long Chen

Abstract: The friction and wear behaviors of three kinds of spherical plain bearings with PTFE woven liners were investigated by a high oscillating...

Authors: Xiao Qing Tian, Shi Ying Liu, Guo Dong Ding

Abstract: Abuse conditions of torsion and vibration occurred on crankshaft should be eliminated or diminished during the engine design process. 3D...

Authors: Yi Peng Cao, Liao Yuan Li, Wen Ping Zhang

Abstract: The analysis of underwater structure vibration and noise control has been paid more attention now. The problem about propeller exciting...


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