Advances in Mechanical Design

Volumes 199-200

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ning Ma, Hui Xu, Jian Wei Wang

Abstract: A new method of vibration suppression, interior inlay viscous fluid unit (IVFU), has been proposed and investigated in this paper....

Authors: Ming Jing Zhang, Da Bo Xin

Abstract: In the paper the free vibration system of bridge section model is designed in order to measure the wind-induced effects on the bridge...

Authors: Hong Fang Yuan, Peng Wang, Hua Qing Wang

Abstract: Because AE (Acoustic Emission) signals in bearing fault monitoring unavoidably mixed various noise which lead to wide band characteristics,...

Authors: Zhen Nan Han, Jian Xin Gao

Abstract: A new method for gear local fault diagnosis based on vibration signal analysis is presented in this paper by using the concept of...

Authors: Bing Cheng Wang, Zhao Hui Ren, Bang Chun Wen

Abstract: Based on the study and analysis that Lyapunov exponent can be used to characterize the motion state of system, in connection with the...

Authors: Xing Xian Bao, Cui Lin Li

Abstract: Measured vibration response signals are inevitably contaminated with noise originating from test environment as well as electronic devices....

Authors: Yun Dong Sha, Zhen Zhang, Feng Tong Zhao, Jing Wei

Abstract: As to the random sonic fatigue problem of thin walled structure of aerospace flight vehicle, estimation method for fatigue life based on Von...

Authors: Zong Min Liu, Bai Tao Sun, Ji Ze Mao, Yuan Yuan Zhang

Abstract: All actual vibration systems are nonlinear in character. For nonlinear vibration problems, IHB method is an effective definite quantitative...

Authors: Zi Fa Li, Jin Guo Li

Abstract: A new method had been proposed in this paper of fault diagnosis for rolling bearings based on multichannel vibration signals and...

Authors: Ning Li, Rui Zhou

Abstract: Wavelet transform has been widely used for the vibration signal based rolling element bearing fault detection. However, the problem of...


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