Advances in Mechanical Design

Volumes 199-200

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Le Van Quynh, Jian Run Zhang, Guo Wang Jiao, Xiao Bo Liu, Yuan Wang

Abstract: In recent years, vibration roller market has required increasingly not only on working capacity but also ride comfort. Thus, in order to...

Authors: Xin Min Guo, Wei Min Kang, Jie Zhao

Abstract: The random vibration will cause a severe decline of the dynamic imaging quality if the seeker’s optomechanical system has not been properly...

Authors: Xiao Lang Lv, Dian Kui Liu

Abstract: An analytic method is developed for dynamic stress concentration of a subsurface elastic cylindrical inclusion below a semi-cylindrical hill...

Authors: Fei Long Feng, Jian Zhong Shen, Jing Jun Deng, Qiu Ping Wang

Abstract: An analytical solution based on modal decomposition is presented to investigate Lamb wave scattering at plate end. Take boundary condition...

Authors: Yan Ren, Jian Ruan, Ji Yan Yi

Abstract: A scheme of the separate control technique of electro-hydraulic vibrator is proposed, in which symmetrical hydraulic cylinder is controlled...

Authors: Hong Kai Chen, Hong Mei Tang, Yu Ping Zhang, Xiao Ying He

Abstract: The shock signal’s fluctuation characteristics of debris flow stem from two aspects, one is the composition of debris flow with the solid...

Authors: Hua Gu, Gen Hua Yan

Abstract: It is generally existed that the vibration problem of hydraulic gate structure during water conservancy project, whose vibratory magnitude...

Authors: Ming Song Gao, Zhi Gang Chen

Abstract: The problems of SH-wave scattering caused by a subsurface circular lining structure and a beeline crack with arbitrary length at an...

Authors: Ning Li, Li Cheng

Abstract: The modal properties of continuous active structures are studied in this paper. The reciprocity theorem is derived and presents the...

Authors: Li Cheng, Zheng Wen Qian, Wei Chen

Abstract: In the view of the fault of bistable response appeared in the disk-rod-fastening rotor, the peculiar structure of this kind rotor was taken...


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