Advances in Mechanical Design

Volumes 199-200

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhao Cheng Yuan, Fu Quan Zhao, Hai Bo Chen, Jia Yi Ma

Abstract: This paper optimized the design of the cooling fans of a light-duty diesel engine through numerical simulation. Using Fluent as a platform,...

Authors: Zhao Cheng Yuan, Cheng Ming Wu, Yi Ja Ma, Xiao Feng Li

Abstract: Tortional vibration is a common phenomena in the rotary machine such as internal combustion engine. The measurement of tortional vibration...

Authors: Zhi Gang Hu, Yong Lin Zhang, Jian Ping Ye, Shao Yun Song, Li Ping Chen

Abstract: Based on the power spectral density (PSD) function of stochastic irregularities of the standard grade road and by means of inverse fast...

Authors: Zhao Cheng Yuan, Hua Fang, Fu Quan Zhao

Abstract: The noise of Diesel engine is the main source of vehicle noise, and engine noise is divided to 3 parts: the mechanical noise, the air flow...

Authors: Qing Sheng Wang, Xiao Hang Liu, Xin Lei Zhu, Zhu Shi Rao

Abstract: Sound source localization is always of great value in many engineering applications. In recent years, studies on orientation mechanisms of...

Authors: Hao Long Niu, Qing Chun Wang, Yu Xin Wang, Jian Rong Fu

Abstract: The automotive interior noise subjected to different road excitations was analyzed with finite element simulation method, according to the...

Authors: Hua Qing Wang, Yong Wei Guo, Jian Feng Yang, Liu Yang Song, Jia Pan, Peng Chen, Hong Fang Yuan

Abstract: The fault of a bearing may cause the breakdown of a rotating machine, leading to serious consequences. A rolling element bearing is an...

Authors: Xue Guang Liu, Chang Chun Yin

Abstract: A study of the Herschel-Quincke (HQ) tube concept for the reduction of noise in circular ducts is presented here, which contain the models,...

Authors: Bo Zhou, Yun Ling An, Chang Zheng Chen

Abstract: The properties of the SW and its transmission law in the low-speed rolling bearing were studied in this paper. Firstly, the three-dimension...

Authors: Xing Wu Zhang, Xue Feng Chen, Shang Qin You, Xiao He, Yi Jie Wang, Zheng Jia He

Abstract: As the requirements for industrial operation and military work, the frequency characteristics should be changed artificially sometimes....


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