Advances in Mechanical Design

Volumes 199-200

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Hua Wang, Yuan Sheng Qi, Xiao Hua Wang

Abstract: The mechanism of on-off pressure is an important component in press. The paper study and analyse the three-point support type mechanism of...

Authors: Ru Jin Lv, Jian Wei Liu

Abstract: In order to meet the development of advanced manufacturing technology, based on the requirement of engineering training in colleges in the...

Authors: Heung Jae Cho, Jae Il Park

Abstract: This research suggests a game model for companies who have difficulty in implementing cost accounting system, also, for the companies that...

Authors: Jing Sun, Wen Ji Xu, Dian Long Wang

Abstract: All countries of the world carry forward progress in engineering education reform actively to meet the keen demand of innovative engineering...

Authors: Ping He, Nai Chao Chen, Jiang Wu

Abstract: A novel teaching method is proposed to design the contents of the interdisciplinary courses for the specialized mechanical engineering...

Authors: Ping He, Nai Chao Chen, Dan Mei Hu

Abstract: The team-individual approach is proposed to act as the teaching method for the curriculum design course in the mechanical engineering...

Authors: Chao Gao, Shao Xia Gao, Hong Zhou Chen

Abstract: This paper study on effects of WH-Ⅱ super set-retarding agent on the hydration,the heat of hydration,the setting time and strength of...

Authors: Gen Sheng Feng, Ting Feng

Abstract: Experimental teaching is an important part of the undergraduate teaching, which plays an especially important role in training the integrate...

Authors: Xiao Wei Zhai

Abstract: In this paper, aiming at the practical problem that practice capability of our advanced engineering elite can’t satisfy company demand, the...

Authors: Ji Jun Xiao, Xiao Jun Liu, Zhi Jian Gao

Abstract: There are many factors to affect Enterprise project selection, but each type of factor’s status and their evaluation are accompanied by the...


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