Advances in Mechanical Design

Volumes 199-200

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Lin Ge, Ping Wang, Sheng Qiang Shen, Jun Liang Xu

Abstract: Mathematical programming model for synthesis of heat exchanger network for distillation unit is established. MINLP problem for heat...

Authors: Fu Jen Wang, Jung Chieh Chang, Kuo Chien Lin, King Leung Wong

Abstract: Pin fins are widely applied in heat exchanger industry. The heat transfer characteristics of pin fins can be found in many textbooks and...

Authors: Lung Ming Fu, Chiufeng Lin, Chin Lung Chang, Jenhao Chang, Chien Hsiung Tsai

Abstract: The performance of brushless permanent magnet motor for electric vehicle applications is simulated by commercial CFD codes Fluent 6.3. It is...

Authors: Hai Yang Sun, Cai Fu Qian

Abstract: LASH or large-and-small-hole baffle is a new kind of baffle which induces axial flow in the shell-side of heat exchangers. In this paper,...

Authors: Hong Mei Wang, Xiao Juan Wang, Xiao Chun Ma

Abstract: After heat treatment, the surface hardness and effective depth of hardened layers of automotive transmission countershaft, determines the...

Authors: Xiao Chuan Wang, Guo He, Xing Long Pan, Xiao Ying Shi

Abstract: The storage cells of conventional submarines are usually charged up by in the snorkeling state, when the diesel engines that charge the...

Authors: Pin Chen, Zhao Hua Wu, Sheng Zhang, Tang Wen Bi, Qing Song Xiong

Abstract: In the thermal design of embedded high-power chips microwave modules, structural parameter is one of the main reasons affect the thermal...

Authors: Qiang Huang, Chan Jun Gao

Abstract: In modern machine tool design, it is an important precondition of precision control to forecast accurately the relation between the final...

Authors: Chuan Bo Liu, Peng Liu

Abstract: To research the relationship between the coolant heat power and engine working conditions, and to guide the reasonable design of all...

Authors: Bo Chen

Abstract: Thermal design, finite element analysis of a satellite borne PCB is introduced in this paper. Some methods were adopted to help heat conduct...


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