Advances in Mechanical Design

Volumes 199-200

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Liang Chen, Chao Hao Wang, Jin Ping Pang, Da Wei Zhang, Guo Li Xia

Abstract: A new method to evaluate design candidates in adaptable design of vertical grinding machines considering static and dynamic performances is...

Authors: Zhen Guo Shang, Tian Yi Gao, Hua Wang

Abstract: This paper proposes a procedure for obtaining the load distribution in a four point contact wind turbine blade bearing considering the...

Authors: Shi Jun Song, Lei Li, Ji Yong Wang, Lian Yu Song

Abstract: There is currently no relevant national design standards about mast crane, so there are many of its non-standard design and a variety of...

Authors: Yan Zhu, Shi Shun Zhu, Guo Jun Wang, Xu Gang Liu

Abstract: Based on the principle of Space Mechanism, the kinematics model of 6-DOF transportation vibration platform is described, and system...

Authors: Xiao Fei Wen, Xing Di Wang, Qiang Yuan

Abstract: Ship shafting is a key component of ship power plant. Torsional vibration test for ship shafting is the essential step to ensure the safety...

Authors: Guo Liang Wang, Shu Ying Qu, Xing Min Hou, Feng Feng Zhu, Jia Zhang

Abstract: A quantificational calculation method of participating mass of foundation vertical vibration is presented in this paper. Vertical subsoil...

Authors: She Liang Wang, Jian Bo Dai, Xiang Zhao, Lu Lu Miao

Abstract: According to active vibration control of the large spatial structure, a vibration control device called giant magnetostrictive material...

Authors: Guang Ming Li, Kai Cheng, Li Yan

Abstract: We should clean the internal residual hydraulic oil after the automotive power steering units are carried out performance test according to...

Authors: Hui Juan Ren, Mei Ping Sheng

Abstract: The expression of NAVMI factor and the natural frequency of a circular plate, which is placed in a hole of an infinite grid wall with one...

Authors: Qing Yi Men, Guang Wei Cheng, Yan Han

Abstract: In this paper, the Φ3.8×13m centre drive ball mill is studied. After predigested the rotator with its mean characters, the FEM model of the...


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