Advances in Mechanical Design

Volumes 199-200

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gang Ma, Xiu Hua Li, Xin Min Shen

Abstract: Groove parameters in gas film seal with grooved interface make an obvious impact on the performance of seal system. There are many...

Authors: Tao Hu, Ping An Du, John H.L Ha, Jian Tao Liu

Abstract: By studying a typical rectangle PCB, the design parameters affecting natural frequency of PCB are found in the paper. By theoretical...

Authors: Cai An Fu, Jian Hao, Wen Chen

Abstract: This paper proposes a novel parallel mechanism named 3/3-RRRS, and gives a research of direct and inverse solutions to positions of this...

Authors: Qing Hai Luo, Wen Wu Peng, Peng Fei Zhang

Abstract: The rigidity of the principal axis of a CNC vertical boring-milling machine was analyzed, and the belt tension and end deformation were also...

Authors: Rui Juan Jiang, Yi Yan Chen, Qi Ming Wu, Xiao Wei Yi

Abstract: It is well-known that in modern through arch bridges the suspenders are important components since they connect the bridge deck and the arch...

Authors: Qiang Zhang, Qiu Shuang Song, Shou Ju Li, Ying Tian

Abstract: Along with the shearer's developed in the mining process, especially the rock tunnel boring roadway driving has become a major factor...

Authors: Ying Shuang Zhang, Guo Qiang Wang, Chun Yan Pei

Abstract: This work is devoted to the development of a new type Rollover Protective Structure which absorbs the impact energy using shear energy...

Authors: Ya Zhou Sun, Yi Lei Liu, Hai Tao Liu, Ying Chun Liang

Abstract: Guide ways of ultra-precision machine tools always have sufficient stiffness and guiding precision. But guide way rails deformation caused...

Authors: Zhan Zhong Yin, Xiu Li Wang

Abstract: The paper explores, theoretically, vibration reduction analysis of latticed shell equipped with Buckling-Restrained Braces with contact...

Authors: Xiao Huo Li, Li Jiao, Yan Li Cao, Chun Hua Liu

Abstract: In order to decrease weight, reduce inertia and dynamic load of a three helical tooth star-wheel and improve its dynamic characteristic, an...


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