Advances in Mechanical Design

Volumes 199-200

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiu Juan Yang, Tao Yan, Xiang Zhen Yan

Abstract: An optimization design method is developed for the beam pumping unit, which is based on the API-RP-11L design criteria. The Response Surface...

Authors: Dong Lin Zhang, Jian Su, Xiao Ning Cao, Hai Bin Gong

Abstract: On the basis of SolidWorks/Simulation FEA module, statics analysis and design optimization for bogie parameters determination test bench...

Authors: Xing Pei Liang

Abstract: A new numerical integration method for dynamic finite element analysis is proposed in the paper. In the proposed algorithm, the acceleration...

Authors: Tie Neng Guo, Dong Liang Guo, Li Gang Cai, Fu Ping Li, Bin Song

Abstract: The modal experiment of the three-section crossbeam was carried out by single-input multi-output method. Identify the stiffness and damping...

Authors: Huai Xing Wen, Lu Jun

Abstract: Through the optimization of the design process, the application of the finite element method and the structural parameters design have...

Authors: Hong Wei Guo, Rong Qiang Liu, Zong Quan Deng

Abstract: The dynamic equivalent continuum model of beamlike space deployable lattice truss which is repetition of the basic truss bay is established...

Authors: Yi Zhi Hu, Ying Chun Hu, Jun Yan Hou, Hui Zhu

Abstract: The actiyator of chassis mechanism of sugarcane harvester was a cubage flow regulation circuit consisted of a timing variable pump and a...

Authors: Hui Fen Peng, Guang Wei Meng, Li Ming Zhou, Zhao Long Yang

Abstract: Aiming at the defects in describing stress field near the crack tip with traditional finite element method (TFEM), a new finite element...

Authors: Yuan Dong Liu, Yi Hui Yin

Abstract: It is well known that structural behaviors of composite solids are determined by topology of microstructures of different sizes. In this...

Authors: Rui Yang, Yang Liu, Liang Zhou

Abstract: Airplane flutter scale model should maintain the load transfer characteristics of the original structure. It is a structural inverse problem...


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