Advances in Mechanical Design

Volumes 199-200

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Xia Wang, Hui Gao

Abstract: Based on the axially symmetric of piston head, the 2D parametric model of piston head is established using the ANSYS software. The optimized...

Authors: Hui Jun Yin, Jian Jin, Ping Hui Yang, Yu Pan, Shu Kun Ma

Abstract: How to improve the collision process of safety performance has become one of the most important issue in the automobile manufacturing...

Authors: Hui Jun Yin, Ping Hui Yang, Jian Jin, Yun Feng He, Yu Pan

Abstract: This paper used UG NX software to establish the whole modal of the machine, which invented by the company itself and mainly used to process...

Authors: Jian Jun Meng, Jin Tian Yun

Abstract: The two-port network theory for describing the characteristics of the haptic interface is presented; the four-channel bilateral control...

Authors: Bo Sun, Gang Chen, Xiao Ming Liu, Er Zhi Wang

Abstract: In this paper, the concept of robust optimization design for the breaking spring of spring actuator of vacuum circuit breaker is presented....

Authors: Dian Xin Li, Hong Lin Zhao, Shi Min Zhang, Dai Geng, Xian Long Liu, Shan Jun Zheng

Abstract: The bridge plug is a staple tool used in downhole operation and the performance of the slips has a directly influence on the oil well...

Authors: Bu Suan Xu, Guan Sheng Ren

Abstract: When the test-bed tests semi-automatic coupler draft gear of the metro vehicle in the case of maximum lateral swinging angle, it requires a...

Authors: Tong Yang, Jian You Han, Lai Rong Yin

Abstract: For spherical 4R linkage synthesis reaching four specified task positions, we introduce a simple derivation method of spherical Burmester...

Authors: Lai Rong Yin, Jian You Han, Tong Yang

Abstract: When a Burmester point coincides with the Ball point at the inflection circle pole, given a fixed joint and the point, which is on the...

Authors: Li Gong, Yu Feng Ding, Bu Yun Sheng, Dong Dong Che

Abstract: Considering complex environment of disaster site, an Arm-swing Wheeled Robot (AWR) with auxiliary obstacle-surmounting mechanism was...


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