Advances in Mechanical Design

Volumes 199-200

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tian Hong Luo, Xiang Lian Yang, Wen Jun Luo, Li Lin

Abstract: In this paper, the principle of work of aerial work platform truck luffing system is introduced and The mathematics model is established....

Authors: Bing Chen, Zheng Tian, Zhong Jun Yin

Abstract: This paper established a high-speed tracked vehicle dynamics model, and simulated the transient response of sprocket when the vehicle is...

Authors: Yi Zhou, Yun Fei Liao, Jie He

Abstract: The spatial temperature distribution in the target range of the ICF driver is one of the key factors, which affects the precision optical...

Authors: Xing Wu Dang, Jian Long Huang

Abstract: The excessive deformation of walking beam which is used in automatic packaging line of cathode copperplates is analysed. The mathematical...

Authors: Chun Huan Guo

Abstract: The effect of specimen overhang on contact state between specimen and supports has been investigated by analyzing stress wave propagation in...

Authors: Yong Gan, Jing Ru Zhong, Ning Sun

Abstract: It discusses the measurement principle and the mechanical structure of 3D non-destructive measurement device for the homogeneous entity. The...

Authors: Hong Yu Lu, Run Hua Tan, Xue Xun Bian

Abstract: Some researches have been done to solve the important problems, such as the shape of end cover and consequence part shear force and bending...

Authors: Xiao Lai, Shang Ping Li, Fang Lan Ma, Jing Hui Zhou, Zheng Zhong Zhang

Abstract: Improving the cutting performance, especially the cutting quality of sugarcane harvesters is the most magnificent problem for popularizing...

Authors: Dan Dan Zhang, Shou Shui Wei, Guo Lei Wang, Chang Zhi Wei

Abstract: A new ultrasonic peristaltic micro-fluid driving model was presented on the principle of ultrasonic traveling wave and volume displacing...

Authors: Zhen Bao Li, Zhen Yun Tang, Jin Bao Ji, Xiao Liang Li, Da Xing Zhou, Wei Ming Yan

Abstract: This paper presents the defects existing in shaking table control including the overshoot of displacement under low-middle frequency input...


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