Advances in Mechanical Design

Volumes 199-200

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Si Jia Zhou, Jiang Qi Long, Ke Gang Zhao

Abstract: In this paper, an expanded Elman network is applied to forecast the vehicle dynamic characteristic and a one step predictive control is also...

Authors: Guang Yun Gao, Bo Zhang, Wei Li

Abstract: The thin-layered method (TLM) is very efficient to the wave propagation in layered ground and boundary element method (BEM) is very precise...

Authors: Yun Guo

Abstract: The gas heater, reliable as it is, is nevertheless slow in getting started, and is one of the low-efficiency energy consumption equipments...

Authors: Guo Tao Ren, Kai Lin Pan, Wei Tao Zhu, Jiao Pin Wang, Jing Huang

Abstract: Thermal contact resistance is one of key technologies for heat transfer of high power light emitting diodes (LED) packaging. In this paper,...

Authors: Wei Tao Zhu, Kai Lin Pan, Guo Tao Ren, Jiao Pin Wang, Jing Liu

Abstract: This paper measures the LED thermal resistance characteristic by thermal transient tester (T3Ster) obtained the cumulative structure...

Authors: Su Xiang Qian, Ju Wu Xu, Xiao Jun Gu

Abstract: The knowledge of temperature field of oil-filled transformer directly related to the judgment of overheated fault. There are mainly heat...

Authors: Guo Shun Wang, Rong Fu, Liang Zhao

Abstract: The simulation calculation on the temperature field of the disc brake system on high-speed trains under the working condition of constant...

Authors: Jia Man, Lian Hong Zhang, Yong Liang Chen

Abstract: It is key to improve the machining efficiency of finishing lapping machine to restrain the vibration that raise with work speed. The...

Authors: Dong Jing Liu, D.G. Yang, Zhi You, Feng Ze Hou

Abstract: In this paper, an investigation on structure function of LED for thermal resistance testing is presented. LED was placed on aluminum plate...

Authors: Jia Fang Song

Abstract: In this paper, the simulation software was applied to evaluate a hybrid ventilated combined mechanical and naturally ventilated (atrium area...


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