Advances in Mechanical Design

Volumes 199-200

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qian Jun Mao

Abstract: It is well known that the oil-gas-water three-phase flow belongs to the field of multiphase flow,transfer heat mechanism of which is very...

Authors: Hui Wang, Xin Juan Zhao

Abstract: Anisotropic materials have been widely applied in practical engineering problems of interest. In the paper, the anisotropic heat transfer...

Authors: Li Gang Su, Lu Qian Duan, Chang Liu

Abstract: How to use simulation software AMESim to build the drive system model of some type of armored assault vehicle is introduced. Accelerating...

Authors: Da Sen Bi, Dan Dan Liu, Liang Chu, Jian Zhang

Abstract: Hydraulic press is important pressure processing equipment, which has a wide range of applications in production and manufacturing industry....

Authors: Yan Sheng Yao, Ke Ren Zhang, Li Dahua, Yu Ping Ma

Abstract: Engineering practice education is important for engineering college students, but it needs the support of infrastructure and human input....

Authors: Jian Guo Qiang

Abstract: Training of basic quality and ability of students is always a primary goal for the higher mechanical engineering education, innovation...

Authors: Bing Chen, Yu Guang Fan, Chun Yan Wu

Abstract: Currently, the education of engineering college faces the pivotal problem of how to improve students' engineering practice ability....

Authors: Wen Jia Chen, Jiang Zhang

Abstract: Automatic Dynamic Analysis of Mechanical System (ADAMS) provides a powerful modeling and simulating environment that helps people to build,...

Authors: Jun Liu

Abstract: As a specialized base course of mechanical engineering specialty, study of mechanics course plays an important role of bridge to study other...

Authors: Qiang Wang, Dong Zhao, Hui Zhang, Yue Zhou, Jin Sui Yang

Abstract: According to the analysis of the existing problems of graduate education of mechanical engineering in local college, the necessity is...


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